One of the most important elements of security systems available today – video camera surveillance. This versatile tool used for tracking both indoors (offices, shops, apartments) and outside (the street). This type of camera allows you to monitor the perimeter of the building, approached him and to record all events. The constituent parts of video surveillance are: power supply, housing, lens, board with the scheme of signal processing plug-ins. Conventionally divided into the camera steady and controlled (outdoor and indoor). Outdoor Camera consists of two main modules: video system and housing (housing that allows you to protect the camera from moisture and mechanical damage to the dust). Since the cameras to the streets should operate continuously, in ThermoJacket inserted heating devices to store the camera is.

Video system forms a camcorder that can transmit both color and black-and-white image. Choose a suitable cell based on the goals to protect and conserve security facility. Street surveillance cameras are divided into the following types: classic and vandal-proof camera camcorder. Vandal-proof cameras are installed in high-risk areas and la protection bad weather (rain). For a more accurate image transfer from the camcorder to a monitor to observe the basic rules on selection and installation of surveillance cameras: – Organization of lighting (especially important when using color video cameras). Light source get into the lens for this camera install in the direction of the light flux and as high off the ground. If you need to install video cameras in the immediate proximity to the light source should opt for the camcorder with the option of fixing the electronic shutter on the exponent 1 / 120, to exclude the occurrence of flicker in the video broadcast. – Temperature. For the normal functioning of surveillance cameras are chosen specialized casings that can handle video cameras and in the event the most difficult situations.