Organization Anthem

The Spaniard is crowned in Milan with the anthem of Jose Maria Peman. In the 2007 Tour, Contador held the title with the Danish national anthem. The selection of tennis, the Davis in 2003, heard the anthem of irrigation. The error of the organizers of the Giro of Italy, who did sound the Spanish anthem with lyrics by Jose Maria Peman with Alberto Contador at the top of the podium in Milan, is the umpteenth which muddies a sporting competition. Alberto Contador, winner of the Giro for a second time, heard the Spanish anthem with lyrics of the previous era of the Franco dictatorship, an error of the organization which surprised Madrid champion and the hundreds of Spanish fans who were in Milanese Piazza del Duomo on the podium.

The PA announced the interpretation of the national anthem of Spain. And then the surprise was when he started to listen to: Viva Spain! Lift up your arms, sons of the Spanish people, who returns to re-emerge. The ancient hymn composed by Jose Maria Peman. Counter does not have much luck when it comes to hear the anthem of your country. In the 2009 Tour, he climbed atop of the podium in Paris, on the Champs-Elysees. And they put the Danish national anthem.

Another mistake of bulk. The Organization of the Tour compensated with the interpretation of the official anthem when his team, Discovery, went up to collect the prize by brackets. In addition, in the final of the Davis Cup in 2003 between Australia and Spain in Melbourne, James Morrison, a reputed Australian trumpeter of 41 years, played a single anthem of irrigation. With the aforementioned anthem of irrigation, Spain already suffered a concrete in 1967, in the match that football played in Prague against the then Czechoslovakia selection. In the stadium, with the two teams formed in the center of the playing field, rang the anthem of irrigation instead of the official.