Organization Relations

In a similar way that the phrase is not a simple sequncia of words, the text is not a simple succession of phrases. It is an limited set of information that follow on a sucessividade axle. Two main species of relations keep linked the constructive elements of the significao of the text: the relation and logics and the relations of redundancies. Both, execute a double movement that we call anticipation and retraction. The repetition mechanisms favor the development thematic, allow a regrado game of retaken from which if it fixes a conducting literal wire. The relations that define the thematic structure of the text are clarified in a national field of multiple dimensions.

Other axles of the significao, such as the practical intertextuais, the metalingusticas operations, and the procedures are understood it that assure cohesion and coherence to the text. The practical intertextuais inscribe the new text in a known intellectual field already of the reader who it predetermines the text and it assures the previsibility to it, since the simple reminiscncia until the citation. The metalingusticas operations consist of prepositions equate that they appear since that has uncertainties. In the metalingstico text it has a prevalent articuladora dynamics, the referenciais pointing with respect to proper itself. The procedures that assure cohesion and coherence of the text are the semantic relations between lexemas and are an important articulatrio instrument of the text and the co-presence of semantic traces, the simple iteration and the lxica substitution. The incoherence of the text elapses of the incompatibility between what it describes and the facts of the reality. The cohesion says respect to the ways of interconnection of the literal components; the coherence mentions the ways to it as the underlying elements to the literal surface weave the net of the direction. The cohesion functioning as effect of the coherence, both abetters in the process of joint of the text.