The current scenario where we are immersed, influences that people are exposed to situations of great pressure and demand on our personal, labour, academic, life among others. In this framework, the competition is common every day and we have to generate products to be quickly evaluated and considered. There are many ways to deal with such situations, and that implies to be organised and have the ability to properly manage the time that we have, our resources (personal as materials), etc. Here are some ideas of what you should do to get organized: defines your objective: If you don’t know what you want, how could you move forward? It is important that you understand what is your goal in life, to where you want to go and where you want to position yourself. TIME management: time is an invaluable resource because it is something that never recovers, life gives us the hours, minutes and seconds that we know use to achieve success in your life.

Remember, organize your time for: your family, your work, your profession and studies, fun (friendships). There must be a balance between all the areas where you distribute your time but not take off to one of the other, but remember, without a group intimate as family and friends, you will not have stability, is fundamental to the quality of time your loved. Time management includes being punctual in your commitments. SHAPE habits: The habit becomes habit, the best thing is to have positive customs, tries to be constant in something you want to do and learn to be persistent. PERSISTENCE: The only way that a person may develop in life is being persistent, there is no other way, the need to give that effort extra implies that we do not desmoralicemos or surrender to the first.

SELF-discipline: If you have a goal clear and made a plan, you have to be steady and begin to define concrete steps that you can move forward. One of the main challenges is to be autodisciplinado, that is, that have the ability to commit to something and be willing to comply with it. PLANNING: Planning allows us to properly organize our actions How do you think a building?, or any artwork or design. A PLAN that allows to give solid foundations is done first. All part of a process of personal planning, methodical organization, no matter where you are or where you are, GENERATES new IDEAS: is highlight by proposing new ideas and activities, this will give you an added value and will be valued by the people who surround you. KEEP enthusiasm: No matter what you have planned start, don’t miss the enthusiasm, that give you extra power to succeed in what they undertake. These are some ideas, we hope that you enjoyed. Greetings and success in everything.