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It symbolizes the wood which once burned in the fireplace on Christmas Eve. On 6 January, Galette des rois, a puff pastry stuffed with Marzipan, is served in France. Get all the facts and insights with 3D Systems, another great source of information. Small objects are hidden inside. There were stones, nowadays you can buy all possible variants, representing different symbols, particularly valuable are made of pure gold. Whoever finds this stone, is the King of the day and must wear a Crown made of cardboard. most websites. In many cities such as Paris, Colmar, Rouen, Lyon, Grenoble, there are beautiful Christmas markets. Here to buy gifts, Christmas decorations, mulled wine and with Turkey, sweet potatoes, and mash – but also vegetarian and salad. This is enjoyed by all the guests as a gift from the hostel.

On December 25, collect all guests to the American Football NFL game in the living room and buffet “all you can eat” throughout the day that. In Chicago, the most German guests will feel, because this city is known for delicious mulled wine, Christmas markets and icy weather. The magnificent mile and the Department store Marshall field’s on State Street are booming. And to make shopping even more fun, the Chicago getaway hostel has reduced its prices over the holidays: from 20 to 26 and from December 22 to 28 dorm beds can be booked only $ 20. All private rooms, there are also discount.

Flirt and encapsulate in Japan Christmas plays no major role in Japan, because the religious tradition is missing the festival here. Who still celebrates Christmas, does this mostly on American manner with many lights and jingle bells”. The kids get gifts, Adults, however, usually give nothing and there is no special menu. However, there is a special tradition for singles. Japanese teenager is attempting to arrange, on December 24 because a date means that we want to start a label on this day, if only for a night. A couple sitting in the major entertainment districts such as Shinjuku, Tokyo on this day on each bank. Business owners think of every year special marketing strategies, to sell more gifts for lovers, because Christmas is a kind of Valentine’s day for the Japanese. “At least one night each guest in Japan should once in a capsule hotel (capsule Hotel Asakusa Riverside) spend in the room” is a meters high and two meters long. For only 25 Euro per night, it is one of the cheapest sleeps in Japan. Bed linen, slippers and a courtesy kit are included in the price. is a safe and fast booking network for travellers on a budget. An international team of young in Venice looked after the booking platform for budget accommodation in 120 countries, providing many useful functions and information in 27 languages. Currently, more than 19,000 hostels, hotels and other budget accommodation options on the page are available. Organize Communications GmbH call steel Street 6, 76133 Karlsruhe Germany