Organized Event

The PROCURATOR KG organized an event for the human rights organization CSI Germany in Stuttgart last Wednesday. Ethical marketing, the Division of the PROCURATOR management consulting KG newly created about half a year ago is pleased with the successful event. Spoke before a small audience in the Haus der Wirtschaft”in the Centre of Stuttgart’s Managing Director of CSI Germany, Mrs of Ingrid Seigis, the journalist Marianne Bruckl, and the Islam expert Raif Toma. Very interesting were the subjects about the monastery of Mor Gabriel”, as well as the situation of Christians in the Iraq and Sudan. Wife Seigis reported very vividly by persecuted and discriminated against Christians could help the CSI through your help and dedication. An open conversation rounded off the evening with the guests. The rooms and the entire autre in the Haus der Wirtschaft”gave a very serious and professional framework of the event.

So the Procurator KG can chalk up another success, reported managing director Karl Liebl, and the forward to be able to organize dates of the event series of CSI Germany. The next date is set for the 15th of July in Wurzburg, and on 10 September in Uelzen. Michael Liebl Presse and public relations Procurator background: the PROCURATOR management consulting KG emerged from the founder Karl Liebl consulting activities for many years. She is at home in the various disciplines of consulting. A network of over 50 consultants, lawyers, tax advisors and Auditors the Procurator KG in the various consulting allows to offer professional solutions from a single source areas, enterprises and entrepreneurs. It also offers professional solutions for NPO BBs in all fundraising areas. Here a small excerpt from the fields of activity: PR-management and marketing, fundraising, public relations, business plans, ratings, Exchange exposes, initial public offerings, fund concept, equity measures, personal bankruptcies, Recycling advice, company formation, laying abroad… PROCURATOR management consulting KG GF: Karl V. Liebl Krokus trail 9 83543 Rott am Inn