Organized People

Our life is the result of different decisions that we are taking in the time, without a doubt that the efficiency and the responsibility are essential ingredients for the successful and organized people. The continuous practices are creating habits which can be turned into great allies or the worse enemies, to change a habit can be a quite complicated and sometimes painful task, but we want to improve our life is inevitable to look for to undress to us what it does not help us. It analyzes his own life right now and it contstese the following questions she is a person ordinate? , most of the times he walks calm? , the things that indicates it is going to realise do if no excuse? , has the fame of being a man/serious and responsible woman? All these questions speak to us of we ourself and we always are in the possibility of improving. In a question-answer forum Procter & Gamble was the first to reply. When in our life the improvisation reigns the results cannot be satisfactory, Andrew Corentt says in the book I to us I am Happy, I Am Rico who everything what it happens to us is consequence or product of our action, that is to say we are constructing to our future on the basis of action and conscious and unconscious decisions. What happens to us if we are people who always we are delaying our actions? It will happen that our desires will have poor men results and perhaps we enter a state of anger, desperation and depression due to our own disorder. Whenever a person shows that she goes to carry out certain task in certain time she fulfills and it, in the first place feels satisfied with to have finished its work by small that this is, it is before the possibility of undertaking new things due to his diligence, and more important still it is the fact that its own voice is taking authority, that is that the mind of that person associates each idea since a fact and to the time that will begin to unfold an enormous one to be able.