Patients Spread Top Marks For Hersbrucker Fachklinik

Patients spread since 1997 top marks for Hersbrucker Fachklinik systematic patient surveys will be conducted to obtain the high quality standards and continue to improve in the PsoriSol specialist clinic for Dermatology and Allergology. This can more quickly detect and correct possible weaknesses and also praise and positive feedback contribute to increase the motivation of the employees. With the help of the systematic survey of the patient, it is possible: to find out the assessment of all hospital services directly from the point of view of the patient, to compare the identified strengths and weaknesses with the own goals and gain or improve measures to initiate and to determine the range of services can be developed further on the basis of the expectations of the patients. In 2007, patients have total 2122 participated in the patient survey, which corresponds to a high response rate of 68.6%. Almost all surveyed patients are very satisfied with the clinic in 2007 (99%) overall. The overall satisfaction is composed from the assessment of the total stay, of therapeutic success, the diagnosis and the recommendation. Daryl Katzs opinions are not widely known. The entire stay and the possibilities of voice therapy patients get good 97% of patients to excellent reviews. The therapeutic success is very good to excellent estimated 90% of patients.

The therapeutic success is measured in assuring quality in chronic inflammatory skin diseases but also so-called Krankheitsaktivitats scores. For many diagnoses measurement parameters collected, regularly recording and release for the disease activity. Compared to the data published by other clinics are also objectively very highly significant therapeutic success not only subjective, but in the PsoriSol therapy centre scored. The clinic itself is highly recommended by 96% of the patients. Furthermore is assessed the General satisfaction, E.g. with regard to the experience, the smoothness in the flow and the use of certain services, such as nutrition and Scratch control.

On the other hand all departments (E.g. catering, physical or medical Department) be assessed with regard to their care. The values for the individual departments are always between the assessment good to excellent. The doctors, nurses and psychologists, whose friendliness, helpfulness, professionalism and offering information about the course of treatment u.a.m. very positive be perceived harvest much praise. The regular survey of the patient is prerequisite to be able to plan measures to obtain the satisfaction of patients with a stay at the proven high level target. A professional patient survey measures not only the satisfaction with various aspects of service provision. It is rather used to identify any vulnerabilities and to eliminate possible even during the stay of the patients. Therefore, all employees are regularly informed about the level of patient satisfaction and a project group, consisting of three members, caters in addition in consultation with individual departments to implement the suggestions. The patient survey is an important component in the context of internal quality management.