Prebiotics Bacteria

10 Tips to eliminate Acne 1. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. It increases the variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds in your diet. The easiest way to do so is to create delicious smoothies and juices of ripe fruit, at least one salad every day even only as a garrison with your main meal and a snack nuts and dried fruits. The Brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds are great for acne, since they contain selenium (Brazil) and zinc (pumpkin seeds), deficiencies in these minerals have been linked to acne. 2 Water. Drink plenty of water every day.

It is drink at least two liters of mineral water without gas. If your skin is dehydrated, dead skin cells are not effectively covered, which can lead to blocked pores and acne more. 3. The probiotics and Prebiotics. Antibiotics destroy bacteria in your digestive system, which can lead to a poor digestion, constipation and reduces the absorption of vitamins essential minerals, ores and all nutrients which can lead to more acne because your body is not able to get rid of effective waste and toxins are expelled through the skin in place. If you’ve been taking antibiotics for acne, it is vital that you substitute the friendly bacteria in your digestive system with a good quality of probiotics. Prebiotics are food that help restore the good bacteria in the intestine that include honey, onions, artichokes and bananas.

Taking a probiotic supplement and eat the prebiotic foods that help to restore the levels of beneficial bacteria that are destroyed by antibiotics. 4 Supplements and Super foods. Sometimes it is not possible to obtain all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed to have and maintain clear skin. Can we be eating all the right foods, but by other factors such as the use of long-term antibiotics can not absorb everything that we need in our diet.