Professor Ulrich Beck

It is necessary that humanity will survive into the 21st century without falling into barbarism back. y. This should release the corsets of the State nation and establish the fetters of gold of transnational alliances, writes Professor Ulrich Beck. Economic nationalism is unpatriotic and exclusionary. Asana has similar goals. Voices of alarm sound before the magnitude of the crisis and the danger of return to barbarism if not put coto to the insatiable greed of a savage and inhuman capitalism everywhere. The historic possibility of transforming our relationships recognizing our universal citizens dignity opens before us. Of all and of each one. As writes Moises Naim: I’ve been attending Davos for many years and I had never seen an atmosphere so pessimistic.

A grim anticipation of the immediate future dominated the talks. But he predicts that if 2008 was the year of the economic crash, 2009 will be that of the political crash. Governments will have to change their way of doing things to respond to immense social unrest caused by the economic crisis. We are in danger of abdicate our freedoms and social conquests refuge us in a security imposed by force. Well as Jean M. Colombani: rather than try to move each one by his side, major European countries would have to agree to restore harmony, since the worsening of the crisis and social unrest threaten them all equally, and all have the same need to go beyond the recovery plans that have been launched and have proven to be insufficient. Before the street uproar in several countries and the social malaise that runs through Europe and the resurgence of xenophobia and racism, comes to mind what happened after the great depression and the subsequent second world war. In the Parliament of the European Union, extreme right parties are working to coordinate their activities and expand its parliamentary group, the Union for a Europe of Nations.