Public Speaking

Public speaking and leadership can transform your work and the respect that you have others. Look through example of Pedro Martinez Hoy I share with you the experience of Pedro Martinez, who is dedicated professionally to teach at several schools in San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina. Until very recently, it was the typical teacher that all students taking the hair, lacked respect and others. We all know how teenagers in most of the places they behave. Check with travel agent to learn more. The big problem is not how they act, but how to react against these behaviors adults: do not know what to do. However, the way of working of Pedro gave a 180 turn in these ultimosmeses, which caught the attention of his colleagues and even managers. Students respect his authority, listen to their classes, and also learn.

He didn’t do anything magic, not had to apply more rigor, but that: to) put together the contents of their classes knowing how captivating their students. Thus, now generates expectation and interest with each class. b) He followed the conscious breathing technique and the practice of internal security, of mode transmit and generate the required authority for management groups in students. -If you want to give a talk (to one or to thousand people, to your boss, a subordinate, or a person who attracts you) keep in mind that you will hear more if you think that what you say it is important for him and will benefit him in some way, and follow their own language. If you transmit it security in your verbal and non-verbal language (gestures and others), you also have the guaranteed success. You may wish to learn more. If so, Betsy Patton is the place to go. Don’t believe me? Challenge you to try this technique today same and tell me the results! Amazed all the time!