Richard Bandler

The natural cycle of id n meets and successfully implemented seminars in internal and open NLP and cmore into action. To read more click here: Ping Fu. at the beginning of the new millennium, Yvonne van Dyck founded the id institute consulting gmbh. Her specialty is n id successfully and meets in the action. In the communication with yourself, with others, and in the team. NLP is the core concept that you allowed the natural cycle of id n to take. From this developed the id LOOP which you tested for 5 years in on-premises and open seminars, refined and adapted for a wide variety of contexts. So there are mutations of the id LOOPs for leadership, coaching, education, sales, training, and more are in development. In-house seminars and support: Companies such as Sparkasse, clerical medical, BACA, Danube insurance, fresh UP, the shop of the skiing legend Erwin Resch, u.v.m.

benefit Institute for years of successful cooperation with the id. NLP + id LOOP cmore = in the, NLP mostly world-weary participants on the latest international experience LOOP at the respective level enriched diploma educations of NLP and cmore practitioner and trainer and coach to the id. In the seminar communication using EEG will learn visualized the participants in the seminar through the id LOOP their strengths and potential for development know. Yvonne van Dyck at the seminars of the international society of NLP with Richard Bandler (one of the founders of NLP) is an assistant coach in Florida, Scotland and of Switzerland. NLP shows the influence of language on our experience and Yvonne van Dyck visualized this influence using EEG in talks. So the participants see concretely measurable, such as communication with others and above all it with itself, a direct impact on our brains! Necessary resources enable id n to successfully implement and hence appropriate results to achieve. Many of the participants enjoy personal development, others provide professional development in the foreground and some accompanied the id team successfully in the own independence! Info: id institute consulting gmbh Tel. 07742 61116, t Yvonne van Dyck