Despite being a matter which brings the head to many parents, generating them numerous doubts and uncertainty, the truth is that sibling rivalry is a very frequent and even natural phenomenon in its process of development and maturation. Be prepared against it will be your best possible response to this, as parents and educators. Is likely that, for you, that rivalry translates into bickering and disputes that seem to have no end, assuming a plus of stress which adds to the tension that you must already hold of itself in your work as parents. However, this presents clear positive effects psychologically contrasted. It gives rise to a building in the child’s ability to assess situations posed to him and solve their problems, as well as to form an opinion on all of them. In short, managed correctly, it can have certainly positive effects on children.

However, if not handled properly, it could cause these feelings of resentment and hatred, and can seriously undermine your self-esteem levels and can even generate resentment and frustration that will accompany them even during its adult stage. Asana has many thoughts on the issue. Tips when handling this rivalry positively some keys for channelled constructively and healthy rivalry between your sons are as follows: 1 should be that you desarrollarais including a sphere of mutual respect, which allows them to behave properly among themselves, committed when he could be accurate and avoiding showing the other violent attitudes. 2. Do not be continuously awaiting them. Try of keep yourselves apart, watching that yes how to develop their mutual relations. Catalog every situation on a scale of mental gravity you must form, and responds to the situation it arises in every case. 3 Is not positive that you systematically premieis the son that has you gossip or chiva siblings 4 try to not stress you in excess, because this will allow you to face potential difficulties in a manner more constructive and objective, without unnecessary shocks.

5 Keep in mind that each one of your little ones is a world with its own features and way of seeing life. Thus, even positive that you try them in an egalitarian way, also you should take into account its own peculiarities. 6 Share with your small techniques and skills for problem solving. These methods will prove them tremendously useful and can begin to apply them in their day to day practice, reducing your stress level given the difficulties. Remember that it is a thing of your little ones carried well among them. Your role as parents will be trying to maintain open lines of dialogue and communication with them, that will ensure that their relations will always be marked by respect and fraternity.