Roland Jungtorius WINS EBIZZ.TV Art Award 2008

EBIZZ.TV Award-winning State of the art of the best artists of Los Angeles / London / Munich – Roland Jungtorius has been since his childhood by the comics and racing cars of the early 1960s-70s of the past century intrigued and would like to reflect with his “comic art” the freshness and the upbeat mood of this time. It is a clear homage to Michel Vaillant, Rick masters, and Perry Rhodan but also Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. The era of the early 60s to early 70s of the past century was simply outstanding in the design of cars and colors. Especially Porsche established mile stones of the themes during this time. Therefore, half of his paintings in this exhibition almost has a connection with historic Porsche models. During this time, borders were opened, everything was cool, colorful, and faster. This departure – the speed and the design – projects of the artist on his paintings.

The jury in the price justification: Viewing of images evokes a raging, as well as an ecstatic feeling of movement. Her shrill and exceptional freshness, the bold colors and the latent speed in his paintings tipped the scales at the prize giving ceremony of the art – award at Roland Jungtorius. No one is at the moment in the art scene of the art”so state. About EBIZZ.TV: EBIZZ TV is one of global reach most but also most accurate target portals in the Veoh network with over 600 own Internet TV channels and 100,000 associated channels. In February, the network according to Nielsen Net scored ratings over 28 million unique users, page views, over 350 million (210 million video streams). Veoh media sizes such as time behind Warner and Walt Disney Ex-CEO Michael Eisner, as well as the investment bank Goldman Sachs and others. RCD AG central general global media Ltd 95 Wilton road, Suite 3, London, SWIVIBZ United Kingdom Sharon Renu, Media Director, Web: jungtorius E-Mail: