Sailing Internet & Multimedia

On November 1, which launched first Web 2.0 community for sailors now it has come. Today sailors can get involved now also active themselves. While it was indeed already possible to discuss in forums or occasionally to put videos on the Internet, all in a community is now merged. On as can now a community completely independently, in the sense of Web 2.0 to create. Ranging from articles, news or trip reports, about image database, hand against berth offers and boat exchanges, up to an own video database is all possible. A special novelty is the vote of fellow sailing offers, while who hang around in traditional HgK pages often black sheep, this can be indicated especially. This gives more confidence the future crew, this is especially important, since you must travel often long distances to the start port and it would be very annoying, if this skipper then not even existend is. Paul Weber. .