Sculpture Exhibition

The iron has been the theme of the inauguration of the sculpture exhibition “From John to Jon ALBERDI” in the Board of the Foundation for Integrated Steel Workers in Barakaldo. In this event, sculptor Jon Alberdi presented to the audience the sense of a sample which subsequently have been stopping at the pieces go, as he poured a cocktail, in charge of the catering firm Ereaga Catering. After 25 years with no match in the same exhibition, gathered the works of John and Jon ALBERDI in a selection of sculptures that has as its starting point in the workshop of blacksmith father and son lived together for 35 years. Doing it in the space of the Foundation for Integrated Steel Workers of the inevitable connection suggests that expresses the same Jon Alberdi: “Our whole life has been linked to iron, I understand that this is the key. We are a species resulting from the knowledge and intuition of thousands of people who have worked with him, from mines to barge buildings and structures metallic domain where the word sounds absurd, it simply allows us to express ourselves. .