Many people have an increased need for food during stressful periods. Often such gluttony becomes a habit and part of the normal absorption of food during the most tumultuous feelings. The consequence of such excessive appetite in the absence of real hunger becomes emotional obesity. Even those who manage to distract themselves from eating, but irresistibly want to eat an emotional rise still threatens to ever break, therefore it is important to win a habit to associate stress with food. To resolve this problematic relationship is important to develop a conditioned reflex itself, learning to speak a "stop". Does not need to be accompanied by their actions that word, but put yourself in a memory a reminder – it is necessary. And remind yourself that's what should be – before you eat something think about and answer several questions: is it really you hungry? Whether you're in a state of fatigue, anger, loneliness, boredom or anxiety? If you are celebrating in their own lack of hunger and if you have any experience, then why bother to go into the fridge? Well, maybe for some medicine This "emergency brake" in the food you necessary, if often you practice this mode of stress nutrition. And it is important that you were able to identify the cause of overeating.

It is now important to begin monitoring what you decide to eat for any other reasons than hunger. For you can: A. (As opposed to Asana). Keep records of everything you eat for a day. The most "interesting" in this regard are sweet and flour products: it is their wish to eat out of boredom, sadness or anxiety. Thereafter, such records help you better navigate in their habits.

B. When you suddenly discover that is, you do not want, then try to quickly reorient themselves to other activities, for example, call a friend or relatives. Just make sure that at the same time you do not chew a bun. Even better would be if you will what some exercise, walk in the fresh air. B. Overcoming emotional obesity help and products from the number of useful and diet. Try to keep your eyes on the first come across it fruits and vegetables – then you can just bite them, which is much more useful. G. A great way to relieve nerve and muscle tension is a physical exercise. That exercise will help to distract from bad thoughts without the aid of high-calorie loads. Numerous studies show that sedentary life is not conducive to the development of depression. Therefore – move more and bad mood will not have to jam!