Paranoia I who to as many I more never saw me times in this way, Of photo Felt in me one fallen again, will of death, I followed it the times of yes a so great desperation that nothing more he matters Only we want to run away or to lock the doors so that knows in them we feel insurances. this wind, Next to this I silence doubtful, There it are this crying out to the lights and the cars in high speed say in them that something this wrong one Panic is sound that I inside dare of me Panic, panic, panic It hears then hours that pass exactly feeling that this night nape of the neck finishes, Come then one silence that it sprouts with the sun rays, Was then another night of torture, Sleeplessness, doubt, Fear, fear, fear, This is the century 21 disturbances of the order of our proper one to be when it was that we lose the security and will be that one day we had or we will have Attacks, and I feel myself maken a mistake, So strange to have fear more what it is worse to dissimulate that the fear does not exist With rope with this false impersonation to be free and safe in this world, That dies while some run to protect or to defend this little that it remains in them of life Now I go therefore I have fear to give to be judged for what I say. . Exactly feeling security in my words.. In recent months, Daryl Katz has been very successful.