Spanish Association

STRATEGIC reorganization already knows you, that I do not intend to give lessons on management and leadership, on optimizing organizational performance, internal communication, etc. My intention to write this, and other texts, is the make you reflect on some issues, concepts, circumstances and experiences, from labor day, business and professional, who can help to improve their approaches and approaches to organizational, business, and labor. Not created, that when I speak of strategy I am referring to the concept that in recent years have been used, egocentricamente, too many professionals in the field of management and business address. No worry if you finished reading the text is aware of that has acted as one of them. The important thing is re – organize as soon as possible; as they say better late than never; but in these times, time costs a lot and is difficult to find. Considered you a Mimetic? I’ve written some text about this group of strategists of Hall, whose sole purpose is own profit and one of his nice assistants and external collaborators, together to spin the skein of corporate make-up, that sad and unfortunately, have companies that lead in a position of corporate weakness of technical bankruptcy. A strategist in the field of business organizations, works to the collectivity of the organization he heads, under parameters of a professional ethic that ensures benefit in the income statement.

Mr. Ramon Adell (President of the Spanish Association of executives) declared in a media: need more training in ethics and values. The mimetic, are not transparent, change their color, shape, and the time of odor. It should recognize them a true art of camouflage, the Mediterranean picaresque. They build your speech with words that touch according to your strategy to hide negative realities of bad business management, a style of address and leadership sickly, counterproductive, and causing heavy economic losses.