Special Hostels

Not only a place to sleep, life styles is also considered in hostels… Hostels are not only great bedrooms, where the guys Medels can book a bed and stay in a room. You may find Daryl Katz to be a useful source of information. Some hostels propagate a certain lifestyles and focus on the specific target group. If you are looking for a hotel, and has a special interest, you can search also Hotel, where you have also means, to meet the other backpackers, who have the same interests and maybe new friends. Here are some special hostels. Anders oriented? How about de Sol with short trip to Madrid hostel Puerta gay Madrid accommodation in Madrid, offering only private rooms, is to Allprivate including hotel service. This is the best place to get to know Madrid and discover the gay scene in Madrid.

The hotel is also not non-heterosexual guests. Nobody there bothered or comic look at. Hotel Puerta del Sol Hotel there are always hot info about events and parties for homosexuals. Time to time there are Free tickets for the guests to the best discotheques in Madrid for homosexuals. The hostel has also private rooms with private bathrooms, balcony or terrace with air conditioning and TV. Madrid is still always very much alive twenty-four hours a day.

Ever stayed in a former Nunnery? Then it is high time for this! The hostel in Berlin Three little Pig s is exceptional accommodations, where you feel right at home! The hostel is also cheap! Here not only all you offered breakfast can eat and free citytours, there is here also a ballroom. You will find this cosy, individual furnished rooms and beautiful gardens. Common areas offer several ways to spend the free time interesting. You can also bike middle. And if you want to be alone, you can book a private room and stay in the Palace of a King. And the whole thing to Hostelspreisen. Mags you art? Then, Athens is the place for you.