Stress System

The pace of daily life, do not have time for anything, lack of exercise, or breakfast without just nutrients deficient products or ingest anything to eat, among other aspects it may cause us stress and even anxiety. We have to get used to changing some habits >-tries to know that it is causing you stress, for example if it is for every day that you are very busy try modify it.-reduces any product containing caffeine and sugar refined since they alter the nervous system and leave him vulnerable to stress-reducing tobacco (in the case that you smoke)-tries to do things during the day that you like and encourage you.-performs a minimum of exercise-search time for relax-breakfast correctly, as for example whole grains biological (oats, muesli), vegetable drinks, dried fruits, yogurt, fruit, etc. Beneficial for stress supplements >-Group b vitamins are essential for a proper functioning of the Royal Jelly-nervous system: tones the nervous system, and reduces the tiredness-yeast of beer: It contains vitamins of Group B will help to reduce stress, and also contains all the essential amino acids (is very energetic and nutritious) – Omega 3: essential fats to the brain and reduce the cholesterol-Multivitaminico-mineral: stress may cause you some vitamin or mineral deficiency and multivitamins help you recapture them.-Adaptogens: maca, ginseng, Eleutherococcus, Una de gato, rhodiola, etc. All these supplements can help you reduce stress because they help the organism to adapt to all kinds of situations.