Successful Takeover

Successful acquisition with up to 800prozent profit for investors! Solatera energy AG, Switzerland, a stock market-listed company from St. Gallen has in March of this year for the start up company Aeternus Energy Corp, United States submitted a takeover bid and paid investors with stock exchange-listed shares. Today, the acquisition of an absolute majority, much to the pleasure of investors, has been consummated. Aeternus holds the worldwide production and distribution rights on the so-called folk solar cell. By acquiring Solatera energy AG is now just these rights.

Same with the acquisition Solatera received several preliminary license contracts and can now focus on the certification of the product and the completion of other license contracts. Each shareholder has made a big profit “so Edgar Hering, Managing Director of Deutsche Solatera GmbH, which is responsible for the development up to series production and the TuV certification. Upon completion of the certification, we expect profit for the company Contracts “as Edgar next Hering. For the investors of the Start-Up company can then even a still far from higher profit result. We are very confident that soon there will be a solar module that can be produced at low cost and will provide a real alternative to the conventional, containing silicon solar modules that compete head pain. Last but not least, this is also the reason forever again emerging criticism. “According to Solatera energy AG, this is but an incentive to implement this technology..