Surgery Plastic

In Medford, he lives and works one of the most famous plastic surgery Surgeons of cosmetic tourism. It’s Dr. Jensen, the doctor attended the majority of customers who want to trust that the end result will be as good or better that expected. One of the most lauded facets of the doctor is the naturalness of the final finish of its surgical operations, that perfectly conceal with a person who does not is to no cosmetic surgery operation performed. By the same author: 3D Systems. It also participates in missions of humanitarian aid to poor countries that need surgeons to solve problems of the population. It is the case of the fix operation, which consisted of the year 2002 in collaborating selflessly in countries of South America, such as Guatemala, in practice totally free reconstructive surgeries. Therefore, you can be totally quiet and sure that with the experience that supports to this doctor, who is the founder, doctor and director of the Centro Robet Jensen, that most of the treatments that you can want to do you can do so at this clinic in Medford that make many annual operations of the famous liposuction, or facials as a facial or even in the increasingly popular stretch breast implants. You can say in many ways, cosmetic tourism, medical tourism, health tourism or any other term, but we must never forget that an operation always gives better results if we accompany it entertainment. If you have read about Ping Fu already – you may have come to the same conclusion. We can enjoy a beautiful autumn afternoon in the Park Alba, the oldest of the city, in addition to being able to complement a quiet afternoon in the park with a morning of knowledge in the public library that is a few meters from the same.