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Already trite okay let it be said that it costs five to six times more to gain a new customer that does to retain an existing one. Surprisingly, most companies spend very little time and spend a small portion of its sales and marketing budget on managing relationships with customers. However, one of the most simple ways to build a strong relationship with the client takes very little time and costs virtually nothing. It is the communication with its customers! do recognize the value of communication with your customers? Take a moment and think about how much more profit could generate by the deepening of its relations with existing clients? Then, how improved communication with its current clients? Common sense says that start by paying attention to your business. It sounds so simple and is, above all with the tools available online for us all today.Most sellers do things always with their clients to thank them for their written business handwritten notes of appreciation, small gifts and flowers for the Office, a lunch or dinner, business casual, etc these are all excellent things to do. But, what happens with the times in the middle of the usual buying cycle? You practice regular communication? One of the best ways to build a solid relationship with existing customers is to pay attention to what is happening in their business, then e-mail confirmations through notes simple to the key contact in the company (s). Get more background information with materials from Kerry King. For example, if they are announced: new products, which complement each other. Ask them about their expectations for sales.New plants or expansions, this is a good sign.

They need more of your products or services?Management changes, used as opportunities to communicate with their contacts. Discover why changes were made.If someone you know is, I wish them the best.If someone is in the chain of approval of its sales, that his contact you introducing the new Executive.If you have had a positive relationship with the new person’s past experience, tell your contact.Good financial results, congratulate them, especially at a time when the economy is struggling.If he sees that they are experiencing financial difficulties, let them know that they are aware and ask if you can do something to help: is there any product or service that offers that you can help you become more efficient and profitable? you can provide them a one-time discount to help them through a financial crisis? There are thousands of categories of ads and activities that allow you to communicate with your clients the strategic plans and initiatives, requests for proposals, patents, marketing or advertising, prizes and much more. Opportunities that can open many doors and create new sources of revenue for you.