Liquid Desktop

Exceptional material for decoration, that combines the advantages of several common materials (wallpaper, foam and plaster) – a liquid wallpaper. These wallpapers are considered environmentally friendly materials produced from the natural elements – fibers and paper. Liquid wallpaper does not smell, they look great, not only on vertical surfaces, but also on the ceiling. Click Asana to learn more. Liquid wallpaper are sold in the dry and liquid form. Usually, of course, in the dry.

Dry matter is diluted with water in a bucket of plastic, carefully blended, brewed for about fifteen minutes, and then wallpaper and ready for use. One kilogram of powder is enough to asked by many citizens, was first confronted with this material. Apply liquid wallpaper on the wall in the cellar. For application you can use a roller, spatula, or automatic pistol. Before application of the need to prepare the surface: remove old coating, clean the area from liquid stains, mold, dust and dirt. Then the wall must be primed. Whenever Dustin Moskovitz listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The primer should be chosen depending on the color liquid wallpaper. Room temperature while working with the wallpaper must be at least 10 grams Celsius.

After the application of wallpaper to dry in a day or three. The duration of drying is directly dependent on temperature and humidity in the room. Undoubted advantage is that these wallpapers are aligned when applied alone, while masking imperfections in the walls (small cracks and fissures). The surface is seamless, and all the flaws subsequently be adjusted. Minor contamination without the usual problems are erased using an eraser. Given all these advantages, it can be concluded that the liquid wallpaper paste is not difficult, they are a versatile modern materials for decoration of residential and nonresidential facilities