Female in 10 Office and professional recommendations to consider 1. hairstyles lush look better for special events or at night 2. makeup should be subtle, delicate (avoids the strong shadows, highly charged base and dark lipstick) 3. prevents the nail very long and with 4 designs. the excess of accessories is not necessary 5. prevents the necklines (you can bother to the staff of the Office and clients) 6. the hem of the skirt should not be more than three inches above the knee 7. dress transparent parts are not for Office 8.

recommended pants are straight cut 9. always clean and shoes with the cap of 10 taco. According to Dustin Moskovitz, who has experience with these questions. the tone of your voice is nice, soft is yells at Park ten recommendations of image for them in the Office – 1. keep your hair cut to day 2. attractive face: moisturizes your face, cut the excess of beautiful on the nose, eyebrows and ears 3. hands moisturized and nails clean 4. 5 clean collared shirt.

strap in excellent condition (clean buckle, belt material not cracked) 6. always clean shoes and renew soles When it is necessary to 7. Removes lint from jackets and caution with dandruff 8. the quintet that speaks of your good taste: ballpoint pen, wallet, belt, watch and shoes 9. avoid carrying more than one accessory to your waist (cell phone, keys, multipurpose blade) 10. don’t forget to always carry a handkerchief to them and they always remember the trio that pleases everyone: inner beauty, positive external projection and respect for those around you.