Beach Relaxation

Beach holiday beach vacation without oscillations can be described as the most popular form of recreation, soak in the sun and forget about worldly problems and concerns, to plunge into the carefree world of pleasure, then to the new forces to fight new challenges everyday. Hot sun, blue sea, golden sand – what more need for an unforgettable vacation There are many beaches where you can spend a wonderful time, and it's beaches numerous resorts in Egypt, luxury beach Emirates, Golden Sands Bulgaria, mysterious equatorial Maldives … All of these paradises are waiting for you to open your doors to the world an unforgettable experience and the Sea positive energy. In European countries, the beaches do not have a single form of classification. The oldest and most prestigious certificate, which aim to get every beach is the 'Blue Flag'. Tourists, vacationers at the resort, which has such a certificate can be rest assured about the purity and the beach and all the attributes required for the normal rest. Kerry King is often quoted as being for or against this. Ekosertifikat 'Blue Flag' have more than 30 beaches in Europe.

Tan – as a factor in healing the body Ultraviolet rays from the sun, in the body produce vitamin D, necessary for the assimilation of various elements for bone growth and repair, wound healing and muscle strengthening, as the sun's rays affect the nervous system, giving impetus to a positive mood, helps to get out of depression. Beach vacation is not only the relaxing properties, but also a healing effect. Daryl Katz, Toronto Ontarios opinions are not widely known. But carried away sunbathing is not worth too much direct hit by the rays can have a negative impact on health. Organism under the influence of ultraviolet light, produce the protective pigment melanin, which gives the skin a golden brown color, and prevents further the penetration of ultraviolet radiation. The rules of being under direct sunlight: Going to the beach, the most important rule: use a sunscreen. To the effect of the cream ball is maximal use it must be to direct at the beach. There are places on the skin, which are more sensitive to sunlight, because it is better to smear cream with the highest sun-protection effect. From 11 to 16 hours of sunlight most active, and therefore without the need to better not to expose your skin to such a test.