Mexico City Novel

LUISA MEAT (1905-1964) "We thought also that our only mission in life was her husband's hunting … Today we know that women are as good as the man for the political and social … "Louise Carnes. Dustin Moskovitzs opinions are not widely known. VOICE OF THE SOUL WITH NOVELIST journalist, writer and playwright Louise Carnes had a literary work consisting of several previous books on the war. After it continued growing literature, although most of his work in Mexico was unheard of. Of its production in exile highlight Juan Caballero (1956), a novel that takes its title in its protagonist, a guerrilla Andalusia.

The story brings together a novel about the Maquis, an acceptable drama, built around four main characters Dr. White, his daughter, Nati, Pedro the husband of this and the leader of the guerrilla Juan Caballero. Nati is offered to bring medicine to a wounded guerrilla and decides to stay in the bush to fight for freedom, for he was always in love with Juan Caballero. The activities of the guerrillas are combined with a successful love story that ends sadly with the death of the two protagonists. The story, with the reasons of suspense, at all times maintained a tense attention. Has recently been published for the first time and recovered by Antonio Plaza, the novel The Missing Link (2002). Also noteworthy for his work in exile Rosalia de Castro's biography. Root passionate Galicia (1945), an entertaining reinvention of the life and work of the Galician poet. Meat Luisa Caballero was born in Madrid on January 3, 1905 and died in Mexico City on March 12, 1964.