Blog Categories

Maintain an order of categories in your Blog should be something that you do almost mandatory. But many people seem to not know how to do it. Here are 5 tips that I hope to help you: the category names should be descriptive: the categories are made so that even a reader who appears for the first time on your Blog can know where to go. The categories say a lot about your Blog, and when someone comes and those categories do not guide you on what you will see inside, it is very possible that you go to another Blog. Limits the total number of categories: there’s a reason why are called categories, instead of each of the posts that are written in this Blog.

Said this does not have to create a category for every post that you’re writing. Every Blog should have a well-defined categories, which you were including the posts belonging to each of them. A new category should be created only when strictly necessary. Keep the categories in a part of the Blog without scrolling: If I were to ask how many categories you should put in your Blog simply I’d say: depends. Some Blogs work very well with few categories, while others may need 10 or 20. You have to make sure is that the categories are all at once, without having the reader to scroll. Imagine that I am looking for a specific post and I have to lower and lower by categories, probably when you reach the last not I will remember the first. Try to place your posts only in one category: when you write a posts tries to put you always in a single category.

Forget monthly archives or calendars, because the time in which the post was normally written is not relevant, so I force the reader to be the only way to find my posts via categories. That said, if each posts flagged message in different categories, the reader would meet the same posts again and again, which is quite heavy. Exceptions can be made when really a posts accommodated in several categories, but these situations tend to be very exceptional. Shows the number of Post in each category: If your Blog platform allows you to display the number of post per category. This allows the reader knows more or less what to find if you are going to that category, and gives you an initial overview of which are the most visited categories from your Blog. You want to learn WordPress and use all these tips?