Russian Federation Registration

You have decided to create his work. And whether you need to register? And in some cases, the registration of the company need? And in what not? Let's take a closer look at this, moving many to question. First, the law must take state registration of the company, if you want to do business. Thus, under article 51 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation legal entity subject to state registration with the authorized public body in the manner determined by law "On state registration of legal entities." Consequently, only those entities that have passed the state registration process may engage in business. . And for what, in fact, require state registration of the company? The functions of state registration can be divided into two main ones: the fiscal and protective. These include the introduction of Data about the company in EGRYuLiIP (Uniform State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Predprinimatley) allows the state to tax accounting (assigning TIN), accounting in compliance with legislation and other kinds of accounting, the assignment company BIN (Primary state registration number).

BIN is a unique number that allows to personalize and select a specific company it among others with the same name or even address, the process of state registration of a company requires certification by a notary data, and therefore, in the event of contentious issues with partners on business, you can always turn to the already agreed and certified environment. Despite the fact that the state registration process is quite laborious, master it and go under the force of any business. Only after the state registration process firm, the entrepreneur may feel more confident, without fear of problems from the government and police. By law, illegal enterprise is defined as business, aimed at the systematic commission of unlawful acts homogeneous in a given field of production, trade, service or other activities directed at profit. Illegal entrepreneurial activity is of three kinds: 1. no registration; 2. in violation of the rules for registration 3.

without special permission (license) in the case where such permission is required. The degree of responsibility for the conduct of illegal business activity is determined in proportion to the magnitude of the illegal business, its volume and size of the damage to the state. Taking into account the fact that in modern legislation criminalizes the illegal business, company registration becomes a simple and fun process. (C) Kobzeva Natalia especially for the site