Federal Environment Ministry

Research projects should help to improve public relations for geothermal projects. Check out Daryl Katz for additional information. Freiburg, June 8, 2011 – the Federal Environment Ministry (BMU) promotes a project to improve communication in the deep geothermal projects submitted by the Freiburger agency Enerchange. A few days ago, the grant decision is taken. In the two-year project investigates links between public relations and acceptance of Geothermieprojekten and developed proposals to improve communication. As a result, a guide is to be published with recommendations for project developers and power plant operators. We are pleased that the Federal Environment Ministry attaches a great importance to the topic of public relations and has decided to support the project”, says Marcus Brian, one of two managing directors of Enerchange. Three phases of the project are planned: In the first step will be studied on the example of four projects, which acceptance has the project in the local media and in the population and What public relations have so far operated the project.

In the second step the creation of a PR concept is intended for two projects, whose action plan based on the findings from the first phase. The last step involves designing, editing, layout and printing a guide where all experiences and findings of the previous phases of the project to practical recommendations for action are summarized. With the project, Enerchange wants to build a bridge between the most technically focused project operators and a critical public, which wants to be involved and informed increasingly in project development. We are very excited about the results of our investigations and hope that this project will contribute to improving the acceptance of deep geothermal energy in the medium term”, said Dr. Jochen Schneider, also Managing Director of Enerchange. Core task of Enerchange in the project is in addition to the project coordination as well as the analysis and assessment so far operated public relations above all the creation of the two PR concepts in Be the phase two, as well as the letter of the guideline in phase three.

Rain Or Why It Rains

Rain, rain, or why it rains so much with us in Germany. Why, how often, and what is it for a rain this summer. Today I would like to write what to the rain. Here yes this summer it enough we. There are different types of rain. Orographic rainfall, convection rain, front rain, rain, heavy rain, downpour, drizzle, freezing rain, sleet rain, warm rain, tropical rain, Monsumregen, acid rain, Basicher rain. All have one thing in common it comes from the sky, and it gets wet, which is also useful for us humans. But only in a certain context.

In the framework of the climate warming, I think this is changes the behavior of the weather and all of the rain still strong. What are for us, then as a classic summer with 7bis means 8 weeks only Sun without rain will probably no longer exist, so for the holidays you have to fly still far away if you would like to enjoy Sun times 2 weeks. In the winter it’s not raining Yes we know but it is snowing. But somehow we miss whatever the snow in the winter with us, so do comic or. So like whatever rain well and good but everything in moderation. Sometimes the rain in mass coming down but it then for all too much is the so-called downpour he comes very quickly and with much precipitation and gone very quickly again. So it would be best for the holidays of a little cool down and then it can go further. In the autumn and spring, it rains the most known way and if then is still cold then it is worse for us humans. Many people tend then to bed to lay and hope for better weather. Ralph Koch