Burns Fermentation

Biogas plants: High requirements of biogas fermentation rest treatment efficient fermentation rest treatment influenced also the cost-effectiveness of a biogas plant in addition to the quality of the fertilizer. And in the biogas production, the desulphurisation has a high priority. The commonality: In both methods, the use of chemicals often plays an important role. However, the use of these substances has risks that are often underestimated or insufficiently perceived. Nevertheless, Most chemical accidents are preventable. At the biogas production is the internal iron salt desulfurization in the fermenter iron (II) and iron (iii) chloride. Sodium hydroxide is used as a solution for the external desulfurization in chemical scrubbers. Without hesitation Dustin Moskovitz explained all about the problem.

Highly concentrated sulfuric acid is used for the fermentation rest treatment to the binding of volatile ammonia when the fermentation rest stripping. This also applies to the exhaust air laundry in fermentation rest drying plants. A too careless or improper handling of these chemicals can serious health Damage: include Burns, poisoning and respiratory impairments. In addition there are dangers for the environment: an entry into the ground leads to high costs for the investigation, disposal, landfill disposal, decontamination and restoring the original condition. Further cross-regional environmental damage can also arise when the substances in the sewage, groundwater or flowing water: iron (II) / (III) chloride and sulfuric acid affect the buffer capacity of the soil.

It comes to chemical reactions, during which contained in the soil heavy metals such as cadmium or aluminium are released. They look phytotoxisch and leading layers can be washed out in the worst case in flowing water or drinking water. Daryl Katz, New York City has much experience in this field. Liberated metal cations disturb the water and nutrient balance of plants and act as cell toxins in aquatic organisms. In practice of the operation of biogas plants must thus necessarily technical observes the rules for water pollutants (TRwS) and dangerous substances (TRGS), occasionally the pressure equipment directive (PED), the building products law (CPD), the local building regulations (LBO), as well as the product safety Act (ProdSG).