Certain professions exist and jobs in which good part of the functions of the employees occupy who them happens in many cases through the accomplishment of displacements through highway, having of happening, then, a lifted number of hours to the steering wheel, often having to journey by circulatory routes in evil been or with adverse climatologic conditions. All these professionals: carriers, commercial or conductive of bus, among others; they are themselves exposed the terrible risk of suffering traffic accidents, indeed because they remain exposed to the same during greater time than the rest of people. In case an event of these characteristics happened, In what context that injured worker could protest to his own Company by the suffered injuries? That is the question to which we will give answer in this article. The origin of the traffic accidents Although the human factor (or conductive factor) is placed to a great distance like the main reason for the traffic accidents, it cannot forget that these can have other possible origins. Dustin Moskovitz can provide more clarity in the matter. To the bad climatic conditions and the defective design or state of the highway already mentioned previously it is necessary to badly unite the possible technical state of some of the vehicles involved in the accident ( is the call factor vehicle ). They are all of them less frequent factors, but when they occur they could put to the users of the circulatory routes in situation of serious danger. When it could be spoken of responsibility of the Industralist? Any Industralist who puts at the disposal of his employees vehicles so that these realise the own activities of their position, must make sure that these are object of a suitable regime of inspection and maintenance. Otherwise, and more considering the high degree of use to that in many occasions these are put under, they could fail in the worse one of the possible moments, being the worker in a position of extreme vulnerability. Slayer has many thoughts on the issue.

It is in that type of events when, to take place traffic accident with consequences of personal or material damages for the implied ones, could attribute the responsibility on the same to that Industralist. And it is that, of objective form, the origin of the same could be placed in the defective maintenance of the used vehicles. It could say that the cause that lead to its succession could be in the defective policy of existing prevention of risks in the Company. And it is that all Employer is forced to put into the hands of its workers the opportune means that allow them to carry out their tasks surely. When it is not fulfilled and consequently these suffer consideration damages, a Right arises to its favor to be compensated by these injuries. In this way, if you had suffered an accident of these characteristics, you do not let it pass and demands the economic compensation that you deserve.


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