Teachers And Health

Statistical processing has been used a personal computer with statistical calculations of means and standard deviations, the study of the rates and as a statistical tool relevant graphics. 5.-Results obtained 1U stress level teachers of the Murcia Autonomous Community stands at 3, 06 between the scale of 1-5 representing a choice point numeor nadaa and a point five muchoa and a standard deviation of 1.97, ie the options is between a bastantea algo and not presenting large dispersion of values about the mean. 2U Items that produce more stress are: Lack of support from parents on discipline problems. Physical assaults of students. Making things with which I disagree. Instructions incompatible or opposite.

Lack of support from upper management. The faculty as a whole may have little impact on the decisions of the center. Poor relationships with superiors. Details can be found by clicking Daryl Katz or emailing the administrator. Witnessing aggression among students. Ie, producing more stress on teachers are external situations themselves. 3U Items that produce less stress are: Any changes inadequate.

Poor consideration of society towards my profession. Having to replace the absent teacher. Dealing with the normal problems of student behavior. The assessment of teachers. Provide more classes than other peers. Attend tutorials with their parents. The fact that I do not like teaching. The less stress-producing situations are related to the teaching profession, with the score under the a constatacion that I do not like ensenanzaa . 4U The seven factors grouped according to the results of factor analysis are: monitoring by hierarchical structure. Shortfalls development work. Cooperation, participation, communication, etc. Students. Adapting to change, the valuation of work by others. The valuation of work by other improvements to be gained from the professional point of view. Sort low to high: students rating 2.89 2 92 3.01 alignment gaps improvements 2.92 3.06 3.16 co 3.24 super vision factor less influence on teacher stress is the valuation of work parts of others, and the factor that produces more stress on teachers is the monitoring by the hierarchical structure. . 5U is necessary to train teachers in strategies to enhance personal skills, communication, assertive techniques to improve relations, as well as cognitive restructuring and stress inoculation to control harmful ideas. 6U Conclusions. The work can be interesting for teachers in Firstly because it allows them to know and identify the causes of their physical and mental discomfort. Second, it puts you in touch with some techniques that may be useful. Would seem appropriate in this research because it is one of the diseases that lower labor and longer duration is produced.

Chairman Lieutenant

General information, concept, background Venezuela presents in its current extremely decisive characteristic scenarios in the organizational behavior of their companies, aspects that can not be neglected, and which invite you to rethink, what should be the management to play of their managers in order to exit avante in the. A scenario very turbulent, unstable, which has seriously affected the investment, both domestic and foreign, product of uncertainty, risk, which has been generated with political instability and more, with a new revolutionary Government fear that Socialist has been declared and that is decided to transform the country to realize that ideology, all in favour of the Bolivarian revolution initiated under the direction of its Chairman Lieutenant-Colonel Hugo Chavez cold. Scenario which presents an unproductive Venezuelan business sector, especially their SMEs, where many, have ceased to operate, others do so partially, all this affecting the productive sector of the country, to be able to supply the population of many basic products that are required, have had to make use of imports, which represents a very high social cost and a dependency on countries producing them. The foregoing, is added, the impact of inflation, unemployment, high cost of life, insecurity, debastecimiento that are manifested and generate increasingly more, turbulence increases, especially before the eminent impact of the global economic crisis. However, within all that turbulence generated by threats, step is also given to opportunities that can be exploited to have a proactive, visionary, management strategist, capable of promoting actions that favour undertakings, such as outsourcing, subject of this opportunity. Outsourcing can be defined as, hire or long-term delegate one or more processes not critical for our Organization, a provider of that service more specialized than us, to achieve greater effectiveness in our efforts to achieve goals and accomplishment of the mission. Outsourcing stands out provide a range of specialized services in every area that is considered relevant for the Organization, aiming at these areas become really productive centers: greater benefit at the lowest cost.