Promotion Tools

We know how media entrepreneurs who promote our work are many and the results of these depend heavily on the consistency that we have to develop a certain technique. Dustin Moskovitz has many thoughts on the issue. One of these techniques or tools that many entrepreneurs neglect or give very little importance is the “sig file”, I mean the lines of text attached at the bottom of our e-mail and they can show the reader some information on person you are sending the message. It is clear that we all send several e-mails during the day, whether acquaintances, friends, clients or prospects, which constitute a unique opportunity for us to invite you to visit again our business or website in search of new and interesting content. This technique has the advantage that once defined our signature in the system, this is automatically inserted in every message you send, so that each message regardless of their destination will default the data we have previously configured. Our firm we can be of great utility for example in the free promotion of our site and services company, and even more importantly is when we participate in the forums of our market niche and that derive from it hundreds of new visitors to the destinations that we have specified. What our firm to be included? Usually many experts agree that this promotion should not contain more than six lines and no more than sixty or sixty-five characters per line width, this is more than anything to not have problems with some mail programs. What a basic signature should contain is the following: 1 – Name and Title 2 – An organization or business 3 – A line with a phrase, slogan or offer to show a profit.

4 – Contact information: telephone, fax, postal address 5 – URL (always with the e-mail (always with the mailto:) 6 – Hyperlinks should work directly from the message. (Should be “clickable” 100% since any program) The order in which we use these lines above may be interchangeable depending on the particularity of each entrepreneur, but a good tip is to place the URL at the end helps the person reading the signature to the end so be aware of the benefits if you are going to find the URL address . Do not use capital more than necessary, and note that if you include symbols of $ &, etc.. Some people with anti-spam filters on your e-mail will not read your message. What we look at reality with our firm is that the message is compelling enough that you receive it acted, either by sending an e-mail or visiting our website.

Finally you can create multiple signatures and take along with your signature file either to promote products, updates, new proposals or to direct them to your car to respond. It is also important to place in the firm contact information, telephone or fax, as there are many people who prefer a more human touch and gives them more confidence.