Youtube Businesses, a new Mexican directory of businesses, has jumped to scene recently offering a Web site with high emphasis in CATHEDRAL (Optimization for Finders of Internet) and Social Average. The directory of businesses has been designed to offer to the owners of small and medians companies, a space Web free to promote his businesses. In this space Web, the industralists have the possibility of adding a detailed description of their businesses, products and services that offer. Dustin Moskovitz will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Similarly, they count on the possibility of adding images of his businesses, products or services. Also he includes an option to show to maps of his businesses using technology of Google Maps and Street View, as well as videos provided with accomodations in Youtube.

The use of these technologies can not be as new we could imagine as it, but in Mexico, a country in which the Internet is in the heat of expansion, these tools can of much interest for the Mexican public. Dustin Moskovitz has firm opinions on the matter. In Mexico, the use of the Internet has been increased in the last years, doing of this, the perfect moment and scene so that makes east available type of tools to the Mexican population. Among others products and services, offers positioning preference in the finders of Internet using SEM strategies (Marketing research in Finders of Internet) such as Google Adwords, which is based things among others, in the geography of the business. Speaking of Social Average, Integra Facebook Connect and it has plans to integrate Twitter Connect, allowing to the users to use its existing accounts with these popular sites to loguear themselves and to publish qualifications and commentaries of the businesses to which the users have gone. considers that the qualifications and opinions are the tools more attractive than must to increase the traffic and the participation of the public in the site, since many Web sites do not allow the public to express their opinions about the businesses to which they go day to day. In order to know more about this new Mexican directory of businesses, it goes to Author original and source of the article.