This comment more on the fundamental need for any organisation to continuously improve their internal processes to be increasingly competitive in a fierce industry where that does not change disappears. Every day growing competition, new companies are willing and have the ability to deliver more value to the customer at a price equal and in many cases less than the one proposed by our companies, this would also add not very good national customs controls that allow the entry of merchandise without paying due taxes, aspect that generates that many products are available for purchase at very attractive prices for the consumer and that there is unfair competition.To keep our companies must seek organizational efficiency, but that isn’t this in discussion for any Manager or official, the problem to be discussed: how to achieve organizational efficiency?, where to start?, what is the first step to follow?. Establish what happened to follow isn’t simple, or something that can be taken lightly with decisions subjective. Several national organizations have initiated processes of implementation of systems of quality management, the establishment of quality circles, the use of the 6 sigma methodology of 5S, among others, but unfortunately have not had the success expected and publicised prior deployment to be a puzzle pieces placed in the wrong place. Entire process, change improvement must be part of a general alignment of the organizational system that focuses on the key factors of success of the enterprise and industry to that of the expected results.To make your organization efficient first concentrate its efforts on analyzing that it is what really makes it work as a company. Newly from this understanding (actually few national companies, by hard to believe as it seems do not know really) you can design a strategy that takes into account the entire organization as a whole and perfect the process of realization of the product that allows meet and exceed the expectations of the customer in a cost-effective manner.