The device was used in receivers, does not contain conventional lamps. It was also shown its use in televisions and phones, and in each case, the transistor was the amp, although the company noted that it can also be used as a generator, which has opportunity to produce and conduct radio waves. Learn more about this with Ping Fu. Active part of the device consists only of a pair of thin wires, extending from a piece of dense semiconductor scale of a pinhead to priplavlennomu metal base. Material posted on the metal base, enhances the electric current supplied to him by one posting, while another displays the strong current. " Transistor, in the form of tiny metal cylinder of about 13mm, contains no voids, from which air is pumped out, the grid, the anode electrode or a glass shell that protects against penetration of air into the device. He begins work immediately, without delay in the heating, because, unlike radio tubes, there is no filament. Today, with all the complex calculations, people use the computer.

For any complex calculations used very powerful machines. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta understood the implications. Such powerful computers are called super-computer (PC – it's electro-computer). And how to mount your computer yourself? You are unlikely to do different complex computations and calculations. In order for you to choose a good computer, think – for what purpose you need it in the first place? For different tasks require different PCs. If you need a computer just to play in all sorts of toys, then you need to choose the right motherboard, video card, cpu and memory ddr – this is the main thinking part. And if you want to buy a computer for business needs, so you're going to use it every day all the time, you will first need to choose a lcd monitor so as not to put vision, well and need to find a comfortable mouse and keyboard functionality. I believe that the best option is to assemble the system unit itself, you are agreeing to have the opportunity to create precisely the configuration that is necessary for you.