Fight Against Infantile Mortality

The reduction of Infantile Mortality in Brazil is still a challenge for the health services, in our city this is not different. Daryl Katz, New York City will undoubtedly add to your understanding. According to given gotten for the sector of Monitoring epidemiologist, the tax of infantile mortality in our city, it comes the years superior to the waited one for the Health department, which establishes goals to the cities, supplying one I number esteem of annually occurred deaths. In 2010 with intention to diminish this tax, the infantile deaths had been carried through inquiries of all occurrences in the year. With the harvested information and the studies of handbooks, it was possible to conclude that the main cause of infantile death in 2010 was the infection would urinaria of repetition (you vary times) during the gestacional period. These infections can cause perinatais interruption of the gestation, infections, extreme prematurity of just born, among others. So that this situation was modified, she was necessary to carry through some improvements in the health system municipal theatre.

Today the city makes use of gratuitous and more resolutive medicines the gestantes with infections urinarias, is requested when necessary more specific examinations (urocultura), nutricional accompaniment, gynecological attendance in all the ranks of health of the agricultural zone, beyond counting on an equipped maternity and good professionals. It is very important that the gestantes are intent the occured alterations in this period, mainly to the signals and symptoms of infections urinarias, that generally are pain and/or heat when urinar, case this occurs the gestante must look for medical assistance. Is important also a regular accompaniment of the daily pay? Christmas, to carry through all the requested examinations, to talk with its doctor and/or nurse you doubt on them that they appear during the gestacional period and clarify? wools. Another tip is to be always with the card of the daily pay? Christmas in the stock market, therefore in case that unexpected one occur some, the gestante will be able to give entered in the maternity with the results of the carried through examinations in the daily pay? Christmas. With the quality in the attendance, and the awareness of the gestantes, we will obtain to lower this tax of infantile mortality that persists per as many years. Nurse and Director of the Monitoring Epidemiologist of Ibina?

Travel in Italy

It would like to visit Italy, but it does not want to leave its animal loved in house? It does not have problem! Here it will find some petitions in what it says respect to the transport of animals, as well as also some tips so that it becomes the possible most easy trip. The parents tolerate the animals, but some rules exist that must follow. To bring its animal I obtain has to fill form 998 of the Union of Rules European. Here it is the requirements: – Its animal of esteem has to have 3 months of age more than? Tera to have all the vaccines in day? It always brings a coleira and it harnesses? It only can bring I obtain two great birds or four small ones? Perhaps microship in its animal wants to place one. If you this to travel of train with its animal, have the certainty that she has I obtain the certificate that confirms that its animal does not have any infeciosa illness.

General rule, does not exist no cost for the transport of small animals. For medium animals and or great transport, you is taxed with half of the adult ticket. It has in will also consider, that the animal not it can weigh more than 6kg. Italy has many hotels that accept animals, where you can have its animal obtains and to provide special treatment of the esteem animal. Many hotels charge a tax special, therefore it requires a service of cleanness of more extensive room. Generally it is given to choose if it wants to keep its animal I obtain in the room or the kennel, together with the other animals. It has in attention, that if planeia to visit monuments, its animal will have to be in the hotel. They are not animal acceptances in museums, monuments and churches. if to try to enter with them without being seen, believes that the fine sufficiently will be raised. Information on tourist points of Venice in Italy.