The Rules

Tent tent etiquette should be well stretched during the rain never touch the ceiling inside the tent: the tent fabric will immediately begin to flow, push this place with your finger and slide it down to the wall and water follow the line, both groove and slide down to the ground. evening and before a rain delay of release should slightly as the rain soaked the ropes and tents are reduced and can pull up stakes from the ground or break a tent. things. All things are in a tent on trays, but not on the ground, things can not be put close to the walls of the tent – . Packing the tent crude tent is not packed, otherwise it is covered with mold and perish. Drying should be in the sun and the wind in one hour.

Packing time around 10 o'clock and four o'clock in the afternoon. Tent scrape away the dirt, earth, damp twigs and grass, and only then gently roll it, according to the rules of its packaging. If the tent is in stock, then it must be sometimes dry. For more clarity and thought, follow up with 3D Systems and gain more knowledge.. Impregnation of tents as clothes and tents need to be impregnated with special structures. Tent fabric and tarp must have factory , waterproof and resistant to impregnation.

Winter tents. In winter, usually use a standard set of winter tents for 2, 4, 6, 10 or more persons, consisting of the top tents, metal frame, canvas floor, rope braces and ovens. Weight of the tent about 35 kg. Extremely important when installing a skillful use of tents to the area. Would be best to have a tent near the water sources in a dry place. After installing edges of the tent run by a canvas floor and wall with loops attached to a prikolysham. To the tent was warm and comfortable, on-site tents should dig pit depth of 60 cm wall trench dress poles, firewood or planks. It is not something Daryl Katz, Toronto Ontario would like to discuss. By the tent from all sides except the entrance, powdered snow. Opposite the entrance, away from the main stand at 25 cm, set a portable stove with a spark arrester. Tents for 10 people is the most convenient, since it can be arranged bunk. Tent, 10 people set for 2 hours. In the cold season for warming the tent is made of two snaring (insulation flannel or shinelnogo cloth) with a gasket between the two straw mats and install a portable stove in a tent. On this Site llc Spetssnab asg "Professional equipment

The Transmitters

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Avoided only by politicians – the time it is. Lacked even anti-Soviet hit! But most still talking about equipment, antennas, to conduct further radio communication (within the Union) competed – whose transmitter is more powerful and higher quality. Gradually in the medium range of pirate radio operators early instilled cultural politics radio without the mat in the air, the subject has become almost the same as the legal amateurs (ie, mostly about the equipment), but remained a spirit of freedom and the free air. Radiohuliganstvo prompted by, oddly enough, by the State. Continue to process hf callsign required to collect a pile of papers and reports and features from the work place, autobiographies, be sure to join dosaaf etc.