The Transmitters

'Organ-grinders', gaining experience, go to the 'truckers', and their place came new. If the 'sharmanochnom live' over the years, just me and the musical repertoire occurred 'rotating frame', then y 'truckers' was a development. Procter & Gamble has many thoughts on the issue. They went to the range of middle waves back to the 'interim'. In the 70 years, when the rapid development of the economy range 33 – 57 and 150 – 170MGts, radiohuligany – Truckers thoroughly got used to its range. Increase capacity of the transmitters. In response to the traditional wish for – 'kilowatts in the antenna! " easily could be heard: – 'Yes, I, and so more kilowatts!'. What then went radiobesedy? Yes, almost everything! On radiohuliganskom range could be heard talking to an abstract subject fascinating story of 'How do I get drunk yesterday', varying degrees of decent jokes, etc.

Avoided only by politicians – the time it is. Lacked even anti-Soviet hit! But most still talking about equipment, antennas, to conduct further radio communication (within the Union) competed – whose transmitter is more powerful and higher quality. Gradually in the medium range of pirate radio operators early instilled cultural politics radio without the mat in the air, the subject has become almost the same as the legal amateurs (ie, mostly about the equipment), but remained a spirit of freedom and the free air. Radiohuliganstvo prompted by, oddly enough, by the State. Continue to process hf callsign required to collect a pile of papers and reports and features from the work place, autobiographies, be sure to join dosaaf etc.