Northwest Outraged

By last, the indignant Andalusians that make up the southern route and that departed from Malaga last June 25, slept in San Martin de la Vega, and the from Extremadura, Mostoles. Last stage: Puerta del Sol to arrive Saturday to Puerta del Sol, where the outraged held an Assembly narrative that may be in common experiences in the marches and from which carried connections with squares in different parts of the world such as Russia, Italy, Greece or France, the organizers established six starting points in the capital coinciding with the different routes that make up the Popular March outraged. In this way, northern route outputed Plaza de Castilla to 18 hours, route South from Park South (elliptical Plaza), the Eastern route from Puente de Vallecas 18 hrs, West from the Recinto Ferial of Casa de Campo at 19.30 hours, the northeast from the Arcentales Avenue, corner with Garcia Noblejas, 6 p.m. and the route Northwest from the exchanger’s Moncloa at 19 hours. However, already from the 19 hours of Saturday the Puerta del Sol will be setting for concerts and action to liven up the day, which will culminate with the holding of a silent cry and a play with pampering at midnight, with the aim of eliminating noisy activities and comply with the rest of the neighbors. Outraged locals have proposed several places enabled to allow the rest of the participants of the March during the night, although as reported on its website, will be they themselves who finally decide where to stay.

It is not a crisis, is the system to continue with their protest actions during the weekend, 15-M has called a demonstration on the occasion of the arrival of the indignant marches at 18.30 hours of Sunday 24 between Atocha and the Puerta del Sol, the motto is not a crisis, is the system. Once at the Madrilena plaza, the outraged intend celebrate around 2100 hours an Assembly where is they propose strategies for action for next fall. With the aim of bringing together the largest number of possible people that pretend to be the most mass rally organized by the 15-M since the demonstrations against the Euro Pact that took place last June 19 in all Spain, the outraged from more than 25 cities in Spain have chartered needed buses so that anyone who wants to could participate in Madrid in concentrations. In addition, the spaces of debate will extend until Monday with the 1st Social Forum 15 M in the Parque del Retiro, who from 10 o’clock until 21.30, with a break for lunch between 1430 and 5 p.m., will address matters relating to politics, feminism, the environment, the economy, culture, health and social issues. Source of the news: thousands of outraged from all Spain arrive in Madrid and walking towards the gate of the Sun

International Automobile Federation

He was going to compete in March but was canceled by the revolts in the Asian country. Then scheduled for October 30, but the change did not like anyone. At the end, the organizers have renounced that will dispute the race this year. The Formula one Bahrain Grand Prix organizers have reported that he renounce that career is dispute finally this year, a week after that the FIA recolocara test in the calendar on October 30 after his suspension by unrest in the country. The Bahrain Grand Prix, which would be the first race of the year, was canceled in March by popular in Manama revolts, and last Friday the World Council of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) announced in Barcelona that the test is rescheduled to October 30.

The return of the Bahrain GP to the calendar world forced delay of the India to 11 December, such as closure of the season after the Brazil. The resignation of the organizers returned to the first edition of the race of India on October 30 and Brazil return to close the calendar (November 27). In a statement, the Chairman of the circuit in Bahrain, Zayed R Alzayani, points out that one of the reasons for the resignation is the discomfort of the team by rescheduling the race, what would lead the World Cup until the month of December. Hopefully the year that comes, adds teams. Source of the news: the Bahrain Grand Prix organizers disclaim that you dispute in 2011