H FI. Lady S5 And T FI. UN In The Pants Test Of The Magazine TOUR 05-2010

The test winner of Assos in the high-speed goods shop Hassfurt 2010 – In the current pants test TOUR issue 05-2010 cut the H FI. Lady_S5 with the best grade from 1.4. Highlighted were the great workmanship and the very pleasant material. As well, the cuffs and the comfort waistband in the abdominal area were awarded with the best note. The flexible, wide usage in the entire front area of the rib is unique, it takes the pressure off sensitive abdomen, facilitates breathing and offers absolute comfort while driving. For even more comfort, the elastic leg grippers on the back of the legs are located. Incredible research and development inside the seat cushion, again the seat cushions of women were tested, then again revised and improved. So the Assos chamois for women are matched and really incredibly comfortable specially on the female anatomy, even over long distances.

Speed goods shop, find the complete Assos ladies cycling collection in an own Lady category. So also the test winner H FI Lady S5 Auch T FI. UNO_S5 became a sensational finish in the hose test. Basically, she reached “only” the second place with a score of 1.7 – and was thus only 0.1 points behind two much more expensive pants (rated 1.6). Also stressed the high quality, good comfort and seat cushion. The FI.Uno_S5 seat cushion was significantly improved in comparison to its orange predecessor S2. Above all was the foam padding, which was its predecessor only in the area of the seat bones up in the perineal area further forward extended. The total area of the pad was something increases, so that the front slightly higher enough cushion, provides more wind protection and reducing pressure in sensitive areas. The new honeycomb-like upper supports in addition the pressure relief and also provides more breathability. More information to the Assos cycling shorts, see Assos clothing /… .

Elegant Pret A-Porter Fashion And Underwear For Ladies And Gentlemen

Damart.ch see fashion, underwear and lingerie for men and women. Discover the highlights of the season, as well as the new collection with current trends that can new autumn / winter collection 2009 by Damart, the specialists in comfortable and elegant pret a Porter fashion and underwear for ladies and gentlemen, you will discover a selection of refined feel wash immediately under damart.ch. There just the latest trends and technological innovations are presented that can dress comfortably in everyday and feel. Here, Dustin Moskovitz expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Find all latest trends of women’s and men’s fashion at a glance at Damart Switzerland online store! Soft materials and current colours are fashionable combinations, in the sign of elegance and comfort. Go to Dustin Moskovitz for more information. In the women’s collection there are cashmere prints, colorful stripes designs and warm materials, jeans, suede and wool. Men dress up with shirts of wool blend, Irish sweaters, uncomplicated sweatshirts and the legendary warmth of Thermolactyl. Our Online shop is also for washing guarantees the correct address! There you find among other things slide er Camisole, bras, slips and bodysuits, the convenience and support effect perfectly in line bring the charming look of lace and delicate colors such as erika, Pearl gray, ivory or even with Midnight blue and Raspberry.

Our top innovative textiles with temperature-adjustable feet, which ensures absolute comfort in all weather conditions are a must to the beginning of the season. With models from our Climatyl line is never too hot and never too cold you! The function fiber by Climatyl the temperature regulate depending on the weather conditions and your needs. Discover yourself the advantages of Blousons, jackets, and sweaters from our Climatyl line, as a valuable companion in any weather conditions. Easy to start in the new season, see the latest trends of our autumn / winter collection 2009 from the fields of pret a-Porter, lingerie and Climatyl clothes in the online shop of Damart. Betty.

Plus Size Fashion

Fashion in large Gossen find and buy is sometimes difficult many people are slightly thicker built and must also take into account when buying their clothes this, sometimes it is but unfortunately not so easy, because there just aren’t as many things for fat people. Dustin Moskovitz may not feel the same. More and more people need at the present time large sizes, for different reasons. In some people, it is that they simply to the be thicker tend and do not succeed in the long term to stay slim, others lead an unhealthy lifestyle and still others are simply sick and therefore more stable built. The reasons that it is thicker, are really versatile and the problems that could cause this to are different, but always the same. Thicker people have sometimes very difficult particularly in society, because, after all, many people judge other people especially, what they look like and what clothes to wear. Here comes even the next problem in the game that fat people have very often. You need very large in fashion Sizes, which are widely used in normal trade but. Some sizes are available as well as not, but yet something, then it is mostly stuff that doesn’t meet the, what would you like to have.

Therefore, many thicker people also more or less are forced to use, if they want to buy beautiful things which look can be and that match above all the current fashion to specific providers for fat people. Even with these providers, it is however that not every model is appropriate, that there is, but it already also must look to, what you buy. Is important above all that the cut of the things well to your own body fits and conceals small problem zones. In addition, but also the colors well to one should itself and the own figure fit, so that you can have a really great look, where you not only can feel, but is built by you also really great looks, even if it a bit better..

Fashion Highlights 2011

Tips about fashion 2011 is waived entirely in some years on bold colors, while natural tones in fashion, but already in next spring, the trend may reverse itself. The year 2011 is versatile in the fashionable highlights. The online portal auvito.de reveals details. Many open their cupboard after the winter and are wondering what clothes and Acccessoires will be more modern in the new season. This question is impossible to answer in any case clearly. The year 2011 seems to be versatile and many pieces are suitable for mixing.

Generally, white is a hit and suitable in conjunction with light fabrics perfect for everyday and the summer months. Those who want to bring more color into play, can access especially in the spring to bright pink and orange tones. Also the accessories fall out 2011 very colorful and striking. Particularly strong accents with green, turquoise and violet. Also, skimp on the designer not with feminine details in the form of ruffles and layers. The forms are again dominated by figure and Skirts and dresses arrive up to knee height. 2011 all allowed colors are in the men’s, even loud sounds can be worn.

Blue remains a highlight for everyday life and in business situations. Also, the hat celebrates his comeback as a fashionable accessory. As a whole is dominated by casual outfits. Like when the ladies are light and natural tones and fabrics such as wool, linen, and cotton in the trend. More information: presse.html Unister GmbH Lisa Neumann