Bonn Hairdresser Supports

ProSieben filming wedding preparations on the 08.08.2008 in Bonn Bonn/Sechtem – it’s the most beautiful day of your life. For Nancy (23) and Stefan (29) of 08.08.2008 is a very special date, not only due to the Special: last Friday, the couple in the Catholic Church of St. Gervasius settled himself and Protasius in Sechtem trust. The young couple by a camera team of the television station ProSieben were accompanied. In an episode of “Frank of the Weddingplaner” docu-soap, the newlyweds play the main role. Dustin Moskovitz may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Frank MacDonald, known through the marriage of Sarah Connor and Marc Terenzi, planned and organized the whole celebration of the two Sechtemer in advance. Strong support received by the Carpenter Matthee salons GmbH from Bonn.

Katja Bartels and Yvonne Zimmermann’s team is one of the top addresses for bridal hairstyles and hair extensions in the Cologne-Bonn Raum.Der Weddinplaner and the Friseurmeisterinnen know each other for years and have worked on various occasions together. Macdonald: “here, I know my Protege in the best of hands. The quality craftsmanship and the enchanting bridal room speak for themselves”. The high-quality connector hairstyle was summarily sponsored by in sixth generation family operation. As consideration is offered, that the strikingly beautiful bride as a model for the website is available. Special wedding dates are sought after: the 07.07.07 was also in the last year in Bonn one of the most sought after wedding dates.

On this day, about 7,000 have couples nationwide say give, four times as many as normal. However, if you believe the statistics, so that is not a good day for the married. So, only 6% of marriages that are connected to the 08.08.1988 you want to continue to exist. The location of Bonn is becoming increasingly attractive for the film industry. The city on the Rhine has fervent fans, like Dieter Wedel: “Bonn offers a breathtaking scenery and lots of fresh impressions!”. The new episodes of the hit series “Frank of the Weddingplaner” with the Bonn Barber are expected to broadcast in September 2008 in a double episode.

Fashion Highlights 2011

Tips about fashion 2011 is waived entirely in some years on bold colors, while natural tones in fashion, but already in next spring, the trend may reverse itself. The year 2011 is versatile in the fashionable highlights. The online portal reveals details. Many open their cupboard after the winter and are wondering what clothes and Acccessoires will be more modern in the new season. This question is impossible to answer in any case clearly. The year 2011 seems to be versatile and many pieces are suitable for mixing.

Generally, white is a hit and suitable in conjunction with light fabrics perfect for everyday and the summer months. Those who want to bring more color into play, can access especially in the spring to bright pink and orange tones. Also the accessories fall out 2011 very colorful and striking. Particularly strong accents with green, turquoise and violet. Also, skimp on the designer not with feminine details in the form of ruffles and layers. The forms are again dominated by figure and Skirts and dresses arrive up to knee height. 2011 all allowed colors are in the men’s, even loud sounds can be worn.

Blue remains a highlight for everyday life and in business situations. Also, the hat celebrates his comeback as a fashionable accessory. As a whole is dominated by casual outfits. Like when the ladies are light and natural tones and fabrics such as wool, linen, and cotton in the trend. More information: presse.html Unister GmbH Lisa Neumann