GOST Sheets

Zinc-coated sheets are made of carbon steel, cold rolled steel surface quality according to GOST 16523-89, width from 710 to 1800 mm, inclusive, a thickness of 0.5 to 3 mm inclusive. Depending on the thickness of the coating steel sheet Galvanized divided into three classes: P – coating thickness of more than 40 micrometers to 60mkm inc., 1 – coating thickness of more than 18 to 40 micrometers incl. 2 – coating thickness from 10 to 18mkm inc. Depending on the purpose of galvanized steel sheet is divided to ordinary sheets and sheets for cold forming (XIII). Sheets of galvanized steel for cold forming is divided into types: N – normal drawing; T – Deep drawing; VG – very deep drawing; HP – for the cold profiling, a PC – for painting (a trained), OH – general purpose. Depending on the uniformity of the thickness of zinc coating sheets of galvanized steel can be: with the normal gage – HP and a reduced gage – SD. In agreement with the manufacturer of consumer galvanized steel sheets can be manufactured with a pattern of crystallization – CD or plain crystallization – MT.

Galvanizing zinc is used for central heating and brands TS1 (sometimes C2) according to GOST 3640-79 with the addition of a bath of aluminum, lead and other metals. Labeling, packaging, transportation and storage of galvanized sheets is carried out according to GOST 7566-81. To protect the surface from corrosion of galvanized sheet is conservation: passivation, oiling or passivation and oiling at the same time. At the request of the customer lists of zinc can not conserve.