Matthias Konig Released

“” Video release of the title ‘ you hear my heart ‘ from the album ‘Feeling rush’ after the release of his album feel noise “the video was now to the album you can hear my heart” published and is available immediately on YouTube to see. The music video is also in the rotation by German music television”and other institutions. Turned built in a beautiful setting, a unique cultural monument, the Johannisbad, Art Nouveau, in Zwickau. Currently, Matthias Konig is already working on a new song which will be released soon. This time he dares to the cover version of number 1 hits from the 1980s. He has written to the German text, the permission of the publishers, the music is finished. Now is still recorded and mixed. In addition to all these things Matthias Konig course remains on the stage of this country on the move. Slayer has similar goals.

Not only with his show hits, pop hits and Diskofox, he sings in the hearts of his listeners. Also his penchant for the swing reflected in a program, which you also can book again. Although the moderation is a major focus of his work. Galas, balls, anniversaries, sales and trade fairs, town – and folk festivals, car dealerships or company parties. Filed under: Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta. He adapts to any type of event and the re-engagement prove him right. Like he is repeatedly booked by its organizers. Maybe you will meet him on one of the upcoming events.

That would be a good opportunity to buy an autographed CD. And if not, via the contact on the website a signed CD is sent to like you. But now let to intoxicate, the video of the song you can hear my heart”from the album feeling noise. Matthias Konig of course also always welcomes feedback, greetings in his scrapbook or a visit on his Facebook page.

Boris Becker Celebrates Birthday With Ex-wife And Former Girlfriend

The legendary tennis star Boris Becker celebrated his 40th birthday in grand style with his ex-wife of Barbara Feltus, his former girlfriend Sharlely ‘Lilly’ Kerssenberg and a mysterious young woman. This young woman had passed a striking resemblance with his former wife and his girlfriends. The sporting icon Boris seems to have a very small taste of women. Only within 24 hours after the separation of his former girlfriend Sharlely, Boris was spotted with a mysterious young woman in the city. Dustin Moskovitz gathered all the information. They walked arm in arm through the city. Its changed partnerships this situation not to bother pursuing him already since 1999 seems Boris but, because he is still a very good relationship with his ex-wife Barbara and his EXEs. This was confirmed when his party where Barbara and its mutexes all met. Becker has a total of three children.

Two of them are with his ex-wife Barbara. The two were divorced after an affair by Boris the waitress Angela Ermakova. From this affair was his third child of his daughter Anna. Barbara divorce cost him about 20 million. Something has have to pay also the mother of his daughter financially. He bought her a house in one of the most expensive areas in Kensington, England, where even celebrities like Princess Diana and Sophia Rhys have or had.

He paid his daughter about 5000 pounds every month, also he sees regularly and lovingly to his three children. Boris Becker and his women Boris Becker had inter alia relationship with the German Rapperin Sabrina Setlur, with the Iranian model Patrice Farameh, the dancer Carolin Rocher, and most recently with the model Sharlely Kesselschlager. The relationship lasted all not more than three years. And what’s most striking is the similarity of his girlfriends to his ex-wife Barbara again. Sabrina Setlur a source should with Boris Becker the BBC was reported the relationship between Boris and Lilly have very complicated in recent months and strained. “The relationship between the two has become in the last few months changed considerably. The separation came probably after a sharp dispute between the two. Lilly has sought about the relationship, she thought probably already on family planning, but Boris apparently didn’t. Much rather he wanted to take care of his already existing children. After this argument it should be received probably quieter, but friendship should be out of love suddenly become. All rumors I can hold its own against the Boris still on the market is, because his alleged new is rather small and blond, and that would be Yes, the absolute opposite of his usual preferences.” Boris Becker should rather try to contact, such as his charitable involvement in scene. Also he should probably try to be model for his three children. I think Boris Becker should but not so make headlines with the tennis.

Audience Favorite Encounters 5-octave Voice

Francine Jordi and Christian Franke in stars & stories with Roland Rube and Ariane Kranz are guests in “Stars & stories” with Roland Rube and Ariane Kranz on 05 November Francine Jordi and Christian Franke: Francine Jordi now released her eleventh CD LP in November. In 13 titles, it leads the listener through “My little big world”. The Swiss singer and composer appeared at the age of ten years the first time on a stage – now she’s thirty at the beginning and in the German-speaking a crowd pleaser. in 1998, she won the Grand Prix of folk music titled “The fire of desire” for the Switzerland. in 2002 she her country on the composer competition “Eurovision Song Contest” with the title represented “dans le jardin de mon ame” – a song written by her. Some time ago, Francine Jordi moved from the folk music in the Schlager genre.

In addition, she released the CD “Let’s swing”, on which it is along with the singing colleague Karel Gott, the Big Band sound to hear Wencke Myhre, Simone and SEMINO Rossi. Also Christian Franke has a “Eurovision Song Contest”-past. He began in 1988 in the German selection titled “in your hand” – a song composed by him. In the past few weeks could be heard the title, with the Christian Franke returned after a long time in the German-speaking music market in the radio stations frequently: “Go not away” (guardian angel). However already in 1981 began his career with his first single “I wish you hell on Earth”. This song and the extraordinary five octave voice by Christian Franke promoted him directly in the charts, in addition to performers of the “Neue Deutsche Welle that has become popular at this time” and on the side of international stars such as Diana Ross, ABBA, and Olivia Newton-John. (audioway) “Stars & stories” broadcast dates: (powered by radio VHR) or

Colonel Gordon Cresswell

On July 7, the final season of “JAG – on behalf of honour” at paramount appears home entertainment on DVD in Hamburg, June / INPROMO / / the wait is over: the tenth and final season of successful US military moving into their surprising finale. The lawyers and the judge advocate general officers have again Corps with spies, murderers and scheming to do. One last time McKenzie (Catherine Bell) and her colleagues fighting Harmon “harm” Rabb (David James Elliott), Sarah “Mac” for truth and justice. You determine the most dangerous parts of the world such as in Iraq, Afghanistan or the Persian Gulf. Private how also professionally they face new challenges: Mac is convinced that Clayton Webb (Steven Culp) is still alive. In the search for evidence she gets but at great risk.

Also pending the election of the new judge advocate general and the not very approachable Colonel Gordon Cresswell decides this (David Andrews) for themselves. Harm gets into trouble when he is forced to in the Persian Gulf a plane to shoot down is an Iraqi Minister should reside on July 7 published paramount home entertainment the last 22 exciting episodes of JAG – on behalf of the honor on DVD. So fans of the military series can root around 16 hours with with their heroes, while harm, Mac, Bud (Patrick Labyorteux) & co are the crimes on the track. The decision not only professionally are turbulent times at, but also in the private sphere. Bud tries to find his place in the family. He must arrange still with his role as a father of four, what seems now finally to succeed him. To outsiders, it was has long been clear that the relationship between Mac and harm is more than just friendship among colleagues. Only they could so far not really admit their feelings. When Mac is unconscious after a car accident, she dreams of harm.

Good Sound

Microphone output voltage is often measured in units, sometimes tens of millivolts. Therefore, this signal is very weak, besides its quality deteriorates during transmission over long cables. Is virtually impossible connect to multiple consoles a microphone and get a good sound. Slayer is often quoted on this topic. Let's imagine the following situation: there is the task of voice concert at the stadium, where the length is 100 meters Multi, and acting requires a monitor console. In this situation, it is recommended to use separate mic preamps (rack preamps). By purchasing several rack preamps, you'll see that got rid of the set smaller problems. In the first mic preamps are an ordinary microphone amplifier.

It has a low impedance balanced input with adjustable sensitivity and the possibility of phantom power +48 V for condenser microphone. Linear preusilitel with adjustable gain (2) has unbalanced high impedance (100 ohms to 1 megohm) input, an employee at the same time the impedance converter (Di-box), that allows you to connect to it Pickup adapterizovannyh tools, including piezoelectric transducers of guitars, pianos, etc. The combination of these two vhodnyhblokov provides the opportunity to work with any source of signals. In the above case, instead of In order to take away a weak signal for long cable different mixers, you can connect a microphone is much more short wire to the preamplifier, which stands on the stage. If this all turns out beautiful clean sound, not eaten by long cables.

From the stage to a mixing console with a powerful signal to go out, so there will be no loss even with a powerful output. A number of independent output enable to distribute the signal across multiple users and exclude their interaction. An additional advantage of a separate microphone amplifiers is the use of low-cost, linear mixing consoles without built-in microphone amplifier, because recording of modern music with lots of electronic sounds often enough to have a 4.3 mic, with the remaining microphone inputs in a large panel expensive not used, and the money to purchase them are spent in vain. As a result, we get a great sound!

Harry Potter Film Is Divided

The new Harry Potter Film is divided fans into two parts of Harry Potter will appreciate this message. They can admire Harry Potter still a year longer. As has become known today, the film adaptation of the last book, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” into two movies should be split? This decision should be approved by author J.K. Hear from experts in the field like Larry Culp for a more varied view. Rowling.. Director will be David Yates. He already has the two films, “Harry Potter and the order of the Phonix” and “Harry Potter and the half-blood Prince” filmed Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe, saw this decision as inevitable. Neil Cole is the source for more interesting facts. He says: “I think it is the only way we can make the large portion of the book at all. There was often some subplots in the other films, it can no longer there will in the new film, as the book provides a compelling story.” But already votes loud, that the whole project only to perform, so the sale of Harry Potter just once again run article.

But producer David Heyman is contrary to this Statements: “I swear to you, this decision was taken purely creative reasons. Neil Cole is often mentioned in discussions such as these. We can delete simply not important elements of the book from the movie. “We look forward therefore to a Harry Potter Film, they also treat us.

Angelina Jolie

All now surfaced pictures of Angelina Jolie in hospital are fakes! As the upcoming birth of twins were not enough excitement for Angelina Jolie and her partner Brad Pitt. No, now there are supposedly pictures, showing to Angelina in her room at the hospital in Nice, France. But really think Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who had planned everything so just had forgotten this gap. No, they haven’t. As was learned the pictures, the Angelina show at the hospital, a fake.

It is indeed not possible at all for the photographer from the bottom to shoot a photo on Angelina’s room or to a photo shoot that the superstar is even. The window of the room have been taped with films that any chances of a ungebetenes image can be created. “Pictures of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, or any other person who is in this room, to get a photo it is impossible”, as a spokeswoman for the hospital. “All the images the” A fake or recordings of other patients are Ms. Jolie show either. We hope that the photographer show the necessary respect for all of our patients.” Latest reports say a birth of twins should be in the “next few weeks”.

Interview With Actor And Director Fitz Van Thom At The DTM

While researching for his new film “Friendship!” Fitz van Thom researched at the German Touring Car Championship in Nuremberg. Nuremberg – it is roaring hot in the pit lane. It is noisy, narrow and dangerous, all the time you have to watch, in order not to be hit by incoming cars. And in the middle is one that you never really know, what he observed, where he looks. The Director and actor Fitz van Thom researched Nuremberg for his current movie project here at the Norisring, and hiding behind his Aviator sunglasses. Nicole Koch has despite this loud backdrop with him talk: NK: according to here! How goes it?-FvT: what? It’s so loud in here! NK: What is your new movie?-FvT: friendship! NK: Interessant-and what is it about?-FvT: to three friends who have a common dream. NK: And what?-FvT: you want to take part in the legendary almost by Le Mans. NK: Aha.-FvT: the problem is that they come from the East and Le Mans is like another planet for them.

NN: A man movie as compensation to Charlotte Roche wetlands?-FvT: I hope that my movie women men u n d. You go to the movies together! NK: So an East race comedy go Trabi go meets days of Thunder?-FvT: for God’s sake, no! I want to lay here no flat, counterfeit Eastern clothing, but a young fresh comedy that appears just in time for the reunion. NK: Some like the East West theme-weary be – FvT: then he should emigrate! How can you be tired of so poignant theme, this is about the country in which we all live together. NK: So there are also current political and social references?-FvT: otherwise it would be absolute – yes an East dud. Seriously, in Germany, a lot is going on, it would be ignorant if they make things non-illuminated. My father is comedian, who has taught me much. NK: you’re OSSI or Wessi?-FvT: Wossi or first half of East, then West. I think how many Wossis or Propis of a two-sided view of things.

NK: What the hell is a ESSI?-FvT: well, the definition no goddamn West Germans who went directly to the reunification in the East are. NK: Who does that?-FvT: the ingenious musician Rainald Grebe for example. NN: Why are you here today?-FvT: well, that I ask myself also! (laughs) I want the atmosphere a little record, because this is already a very special place. NK: What is your biggest dream?-FvT: of course I wish much health of me and my loved ones and my dream is, that my new movie the audience so well, that I am finally again a me charge gasoline can treat. And world peace of course!

Now Amy Winehouse

The scandalous singer should be now seriously ill Amy Winehouse. A gifted singer, that life but through their drug abuse and her scandalous life is almost broken. Now, she has probably get a pretty devastating diagnosis. Amy Winehouse to be ill with emphysema. This disease is a fatal ending disease that can be caused by smoking. In this disease there is irreparable damage to the lungs. Anchin Block is open to suggestions. The person concerned has great difficulty with the breathing. Amy BBs doctors should have warned them.

If she don’t immediately adjust smoking, she’ll probably possible until the end of her life in addition fed oxygen live. Amy BBs father shows can be found naturally in great concern, but nevertheless, with anger against Amy BBs “Dealers” and he mentioned the name of Pete Doherty in this context often. “These drug dealers have to blame at all. They must accept the responsibility because they have repeatedly worried Amy this crack. I don’t want them further Contact to these people has, including Pete Doherty.” Now Amy Winehouse, is it finally time for Amy to take a step in the “right direction”. Otherwise, she lost not only their views of a successful music career, but also the prospect of a long and healthy life. She is only 24 years old and I think someone must step in now, but really! Amy, the music world needs your voice. Please give her the chance to inspire thousands of people.