Distressed Animals: Animal Lovers Bottrop E.v.

Distressed animals: committed to animal lovers Bottrop E.v. through a significant duration donation of reinforced Robert Justitz and Reinhold Dierkes, the members of the Board of the German city information Marketing AG on August 22, 2010 Board members of Deutsche city information its private use for the animal lovers Bottrop e.V.. They already had placed some Zentner dog food available, it was a personal desire to support the impressive commitment of shelter Bottrop will privately for the two animal lovers. Frequently Dustin Moskovitz has said that publicly. During her visit to the shelter Robert Justitz and Reinhold Dierkes convinced themselves of the authentic compassion and sense of responsibility, that day after day motivates the honour – and full-time staff with full commitment for the welfare of the animals to engage, who are in need. Quickly, the two successful entrepreneurs took the decision to help with a private post, hoping that their example will awaken the helpfulness of many more individuals and employees. For Social responsibility represents an important individual character quality Robert Justitz and Reinhold Dierkes, which proves to be not only in the corporate context, but especially in the voluntary action of every individual.

Their names are Maxi, Franzi and Apollo. Excited, gently or curious they eye their visitors. Where they came from, just as her life story was, now you are looking for all a real home. No animal lover, who visited the shelter of Bottrop, can elude the mixture of mourning and hopeful curiosity with which its inhabitants run into him. Inevitably, the question arises for the causes of their destiny. Due to a long-term commitment as President of the animal lovers Bottrop e.V.

the reasons are well known Hildegard Frank Tullmann, that pet owners decide to give up their animals. In addition to unforeseen professional or health reasons, force a levy, many pet are simply overwhelmed with the keeping of animals. Overload is almost inevitable, if animals done without to know their needs from the outset and to bear in mind the consequences of livestock for their own lives.