Latin America Infrastructure

Editor pozzoh@Nota: Latin America is growing, even against the rest of the world, and has not been damnificada by the financial problems that rocked the northern hemisphere. But in the measure that seeks to development in order to maintain this growth, something primordial need. Otherwise, the region might be in trouble. They can send me your comments to: what is still missing in Latin America: infrastructure Buenos Aires, Argentina on April 28 when the conflict between the Argentine countryside and the Government broke official voices that were heard were complaints about which people in the field protesting, but have moved 4 4 trucks (as a way of showing that in reality the situation by which cross is not as bad as they say). But the response from some members of the agro Argentine really seemed overwhelming: we have 4 4 trucks because it is the only way to be able to travel on these roads that are destroyed.

If the Government invested in them, not We would have so much need for this kind of vehicles. For assistance, try visiting Dustin Moskovitz. True is what he said the people of the Argentine countryside about infrastructure problems that are suffering, but it is not a problem exclusive to Argentina. One of the difficulties affecting the progress of Latin American countries is the lack of investment in infrastructure. There’s no denying the very good performance that had the economies of the region, but despite this and looking to future, infrastructure appears as one of the main bottlenecks that must face to continue with sustained growth they have achieved. Energy problems spanning several countries, is an example of this. It is true that the lack of an adequate infrastructure did not occur from one day to the other, but is the result of years and years of periods where years of growth with others of crisis in Latin America, happened many times caused by problems in the public accounts.

How Being John Malkovich

The same year that was released the famous Matrix film, also left films small and rare from the name: How To be John Malkovich. Even though that the relation between both is not very clear, it happened that I went to see both films one behind the other. Both try on the philosophical concept of the representation. Or said in simple words, on the possibility that our reality is not another thing that a scene. The problem of How To be John Malkovich they are his subtilities difficult to catch in the translations. In the first minutes of the film, John Cusack is waked up by one of the mascots of Cameron Diaz. The name of the parrot, is the same of the one of a North American preacher who has a senator position. Procter & Gamble takes a slightly different approach.

The surrealismo begins there, from the first minutes. Nevertheless many spectators do not notice these tracks and they are surprised before the rather delirious plot of the rest of films: that a vestibule to the mind of John Malkovich exists. But once surpassed impase and accepted that we are against films surreal, the trip becomes exquisite. The election of John Malkovich is not gratuitous, since the critic had declared before films that it had the actor owned a capacity to direct his personages. The premise of films is not that Malkovich can direct personages, if not who these personages own literally it.

The personage who interprets John Cusack as well alienates, incapable to recognize that he is already married with a beauty as Cameron Diaz and is sent after a colleague who knows in the work. Casting is part of history: director Spike Jones also alienates to the spectators, showing to us a Cameron to us little attractive Diaz. Sufficiently interesting, nevertheless, to draw attention of the personage interpreted by Catherine Keener, being created the loving triangle. The subject of the representation is also subtle. Whereas in the Matrix, Neon is all-powerful choosing, in How Being John Malkovich, the protagonist is as soon as a titiritero that has difficulty to pay the accounts. The titiritero, nevertheless, is the chosen one at the time of handling to Malkovich voluntarily. It obtains thus that secret dream that we have like spectators: to put us in the skin of a superstar. Again the game of the representations: Malkovich actor represents John Cusack now. And again the talent of the director who per moments we forgot that we are seeing the great John Malkovich and think that we are seeing rather the good natured John Cusack. How To be John Malkovich he is an interesting one films full of references and levels of reality, that will make the delights of the spectators postmoder to us. It is not, nor it tries to be films experimental, like has wanted to be seen, if not a reflection of the existential doubt that it creates the television: they feel really those beings who inhabit the screen? The question, of in case absurd, it nevertheless has an affirmative answer according to film like Matrix and Cmo To be John Malkovich.