New York Reserves

Just confirm the increase in the oil reserves given the reassessment of what is now the largest discovery of oil in the country in the past ten years.The discovery of reserves that had been estimated initially at 100 million barrels of oil, could reach 500 million barrels of crude oil. The largest oil reserves increase the autonomy of the Colombian economy in terms of oil resources at the time that increase the expected gains of Ecopetrol, who is the owner of portion of discovered resources. With everything that is happening around Ecopetrol, it is not surprising that their actions earn increasingly more attractive. On the day yesterday, the Colombia stock exchange closed with a rise of 2.69%, taking the index to a maximum of 14 months, in one of the busiest days of the year, product purchases in shares of Ecopetrol, after the news about the largest estimated reserves. The good news pushed up shares of Ecopetrol in Colombia by 4.89% and 6% in New York, increase that there will be able to enjoy those who follow our articles and have heeded our recommendations about the Colombian oil company.

And who have followed the recommendations of our new report from investment actions in bag of United States value Global July, our experienced analyst Paola Pecora international markets, have already seen their assets increase by 15% in just one month. It has recommended two key companies of great potential in emerging markets, and that if these companies have risen 15% with this tenuous recovery, imagine how much more can upload when the international economic recovery is secure. Click here to continue reading and start earning you also with Global value. The improvement in the volume of reserves implies also an additional strength to the Colombian economy that looks towards the long term and depending on that, made their economic policies.

Basic Data

Basic data of the official name salon: event Days Edition: fourth dates: 6 and 7 July 2010 place: IFEMA (Madrid) periodicity: annual character: professional surface: 6000 m2 exhibitors: over 150 Exhibitor/visitor’s profile: events agencies, providers of end customers expected visitors and events: 5,000 hours: 10: 00 to 18: 00 hours Collaborating entities: Madrid Convention BureauAssociation Spanish trade fair marketing (AIMFE), Spanish Association of service companies for events (AEESE), OPC Spain, European Event Roi Institute, International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA Iberian Chapter), Meeting Professionals International (MPI Spain Chapter), Spain DMC s and SITE Spain; Website: Organizer: Group eventoplus 902 90 31 90 brief history first edition: e-day the day of events on July 10, 2007, Palace of sports of Madrid building on the momentum of awards eventoplus, the e-day was born in 2007 as an initiative to offer the sector a day of inspiration, knowledge and new ideas. One day, 1,600 visitors and 34 exhibitors at 2,000 m2 of exhibition. Training programme in which were offered three conferences and two round tables with high level as Raul Peralba, Elling Hamso or Sebastian Alvaro speakers. The associations which supported e-day were: Spanish Association of promotional Marketing (AEMP), Association of professionals of Marketing, International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA Iberian Chapter); Spain Convention Bureau; Meeting Professionals International (MPI Spain Chapter) and SITE Spain. Afternoon Edition: e-days the event show 8 and 9 July 2008, Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona following commitment to give the visitors an event where know new trends, original suppliers and find solutions for their new projects, group eventoplus bet heavily on the second edition of the e-days the event show, which went on to organize in two days. Two day, 3,400 visitors and 129 exhibitors on 8,000 m2 of exhibition. The area of exhibition featured products and original services, such as water curtains or logos carved in ice; In addition to spectacular sunsets on the scene, as the machine’s flight or anti-stress activities; that it encouraged the audience.

Northwest Outraged

By last, the indignant Andalusians that make up the southern route and that departed from Malaga last June 25, slept in San Martin de la Vega, and the from Extremadura, Mostoles. Last stage: Puerta del Sol to arrive Saturday to Puerta del Sol, where the outraged held an Assembly narrative that may be in common experiences in the marches and from which carried connections with squares in different parts of the world such as Russia, Italy, Greece or France, the organizers established six starting points in the capital coinciding with the different routes that make up the Popular March outraged. In this way, northern route outputed Plaza de Castilla to 18 hours, route South from Park South (elliptical Plaza), the Eastern route from Puente de Vallecas 18 hrs, West from the Recinto Ferial of Casa de Campo at 19.30 hours, the northeast from the Arcentales Avenue, corner with Garcia Noblejas, 6 p.m. and the route Northwest from the exchanger’s Moncloa at 19 hours. However, already from the 19 hours of Saturday the Puerta del Sol will be setting for concerts and action to liven up the day, which will culminate with the holding of a silent cry and a play with pampering at midnight, with the aim of eliminating noisy activities and comply with the rest of the neighbors. Outraged locals have proposed several places enabled to allow the rest of the participants of the March during the night, although as reported on its website, will be they themselves who finally decide where to stay.

It is not a crisis, is the system to continue with their protest actions during the weekend, 15-M has called a demonstration on the occasion of the arrival of the indignant marches at 18.30 hours of Sunday 24 between Atocha and the Puerta del Sol, the motto is not a crisis, is the system. Once at the Madrilena plaza, the outraged intend celebrate around 2100 hours an Assembly where is they propose strategies for action for next fall. With the aim of bringing together the largest number of possible people that pretend to be the most mass rally organized by the 15-M since the demonstrations against the Euro Pact that took place last June 19 in all Spain, the outraged from more than 25 cities in Spain have chartered needed buses so that anyone who wants to could participate in Madrid in concentrations. In addition, the spaces of debate will extend until Monday with the 1st Social Forum 15 M in the Parque del Retiro, who from 10 o’clock until 21.30, with a break for lunch between 1430 and 5 p.m., will address matters relating to politics, feminism, the environment, the economy, culture, health and social issues. Source of the news: thousands of outraged from all Spain arrive in Madrid and walking towards the gate of the Sun

The Best

If you, the company, employees and customers also benefit from the same fruits that occur. In the case of franchising economics is often the easiest return on initial investment, since to be economics the period of repayment is minor, but that much more implies a personal effort to make everything work with Celerity and professionalism and of their results. It is therefore important: have passion and be professional to meet the business, should forget old patterns of behavior that you learned by itself alone and adapt to the successful model proposed by its franchisor. That if, should always act in good faith. Always carefully follow the instructions of the company which granted the franchise. It is important to always maintain excellent relations with this since it is her working partner.

Always keep the order, hygiene and the conduct of its employees on the premises. Be punctual and always follow what promises. Many people think that investing in franchises economics is not involved in the business, but reality shows that involve will power all areas of your business to generate higher profits. Moreover in addition to caring for our company, first thing they teach us is value to the customer, the customer must always be reason, is useless to discuss or dishonour to our buyers and prospective clients. Meet every detail and verify each variable is important, remember that the position on the market is not guaranteed and you while you have a franchise must fight it. On the subject of advertising, we have already said to you power by combining the campaigns of all businesses, you should know which actions can be carried out individually, because it can generate a bad image if it is not conducted according to the procedures that the company usually. As a last comment, not because they are affordable franchises cannot be reduce risks and enhance profits, if the model is proven to work very probably also work for you, we wish you the best of luck and do not hesitate to contact us.

World Government

These matches are based on the recognition of the problems that generate metropolises, long considered as grounds for uprooting, and depersonalization. As often happens, the aesthetic activities are anticipated to issues, in this case in point throughout the film Metropolis de Fritz Lang (1927). What we try to delve into these lines, was preceded by a long litany of communications on economy domestic, in whose development prior to this communication, is having coined the neologism neorruralizacion, countering to the prior rerruralizacion, because it was not a kickback, but something at least formally innovative although rooted in precedent. We have reservations with all ex – nihilo in terms of human behaviour, notwithstanding the inimitable of respective vital parables of each person. What implications does in the Argentina of the Christian Era 2005 propose alternatives for deconcentration demographic? To begin with, this question can have as many answers as assumptions from which to break to try to respond.

In our case, our response, however be established in several decades of observation and meditation, is provisional and limited by its monographic nature not to mention other limitations. For decades we have been marked by conflicting and inequitable globalization, emphasising or globalization processes. Perceived a growing awareness of this situation decision, beginning by environmental or ecological. A turning point was given by the Conference on environment in Stockholm in mid-1972, which for Argentines took an advance in the message referring to the issues that were addressed in that Congress, which aired in February of that year, by former President Peron then in exile. However, as well as had been happening for the implicit system of World Government nested within the Charter of the United Nations adopted in 1945; This Conference was neutralized by the course of the cold war, culminating with the completion of the experience of the so-called real socialism, preceded by perestroika and the gladnost.


The other day I read an article that talked about a woman who worked for firefighter in Gran Canaria. It made me think about the current situation of women when it comes to exams towards a position that requires some physical tests. In that article women had their experience and recounted every day with their peers. They caught my attention a couple of aspects that I am going to move to point out. To overcome some physical tests required opponents, either to access the body of firemen, police or guardia civil, which exceed a few brands.

Such marks are different for men than for women. That is why many people comment that you it’s an injustice when working men and women should be equally prepared, so there should be no differences when it comes to access tests. The woman claimed that physical abilities between men and women are the same but when performing work ensures that force is not the most important thing. According to his experience as a firefighter what stands out most is the collaboration in all equipment from the fire department. Before an unexpected are the entire team are responsible for the service, not a person. It also ensured that I have strong teammates and others weaker, higher, lower, fatter at the end all we are doing the same work and are never going to be alone, since this is one of our main premises. Any companion, by very strong as it is, can be extruded in dead weight to a person. In this kind of competitions it directly with the citizen and in many cases must be solved problems that have fast and efficiently.

The speed of the first moments is basic because on many of these occasions the life of citizens in danger. Another remarkable comment that did in the story was that when oppositions was preparing his companions cheered it but as iba surpassing physical evidence his companions began to see her as one rival. Be responsible for the life of a person is something that in the best moments filled with satisfaction but we must also be mentally prepared to face these problems and be able to act quickly in the proper. Increasingly, women who decide to go to a security body. Women years ago no were capable of entering this body by the rejection that suffered, but today this rejection barely exists. Working in a profession that you like is fundamental, for cases that we have seen it is necessary to have vocation and delivery, but this vocation makes the way to achieve this is less expensive. From here we encourage all women who are preparing an opposition which does not cease in its efforts and continue fighting as any other opponent because the reward is worth. Original author and source of the article.

Management Skills

MANAGEMENT and know listen to Carlos Mora Vanegas many managers are failing their interrelations personal, especially with his team, because they have neglected, have not cultivated tolerance of listening, very important aspect that should know handle. What are the reasons that prevent that achieves is listening? What prevents it? How to achieve this? they are topics that must be considered by the Manager, if you really want help to express a full identification with the needs, concerns that his subordinates want to manifest. In an analysis on this topic Alexis Hill reports us, that the ability of listening is more difficult to find and develop that the be good Communicator, but provides more authority and influence than the latter, say specialists. If you are good Communicator, but can’t hear, it risks eloquently express things that do not interest his interlocutor. In addition, you will be deprived of receiving information and knowledge that other means would not be. Goleman, gives us that among the benefits of listening are the following: elevates the self-esteem of spoken, because it allows you to feel that what it says is important for the listener and, with this, the communication and interrelation are made more fluid, respectful and pleasant. Allows the listener to identify interests and feelings of the speaker and, thus, it may be more effective in communicating with your partner.

The potential of conflict was reduced due to misinterpretations in communications. You will learn the knowledge and perceptions of the other. Wide frame of reference, culture and interests of the listener. Who listen carefully, projects an image of respect and intelligence. Surely we all heard the expression that so-and-so is wise, which carefully listens to you when you talk. Schein, complains that interrupt others is one of the most common and destructive communication behaviors. The majority of people usually have little awareness of how frequent and rudely interrupt others, convinced that he has to say something more important than what goes on to say that was talking.

Journalism on Single Women

The writer EP and Argentine investigative journalist Jorge Fernandez Diaz signing this collection of stories. A fraught with book of stories with fictional characters inhabit where melancholy and feeling. Its pages bullen stories of great Argentine journalists as Tomas Eloy Martinez, Cristian Alarcon or Martin Caparros. The Argentine writer Jorge Fernandez Diaz pays tribute to the feminine universe in his latest book, more single women in the world (key intellectual). The author is journalist with extensive experience in Argentina, where he worked as Secretary of the newspaper La Nacion. For thirty-two years he has been journalist research and events, political analyst and editor of newspapers and editor of magazines. He was Deputy Director of people and news director. He created and founded adnCultura, the cultural supplement of the newspaper La Nacion of Buenos Aires.

The author of the bestseller chronic breast of the life of his mother who sold 20 editions in Argentina and five in Spain, now tells a story of women subjugated by loneliness. As, for example, that dam that after killing her husband finds her true freedom in jail by reading, or that great journalist who, after having met the most important people in the world, discovered, about to die, that the only important thing of his life it was a love that never was. Journalistic poetry this new book is full of stories full of fictional characters inhabit where melancholy and feeling, rooted in what the author calls the lyrical ability of journalism: that power to construct fictitious narratives masked in the technique of the Chronicle to tell the lives of nonexistent people, but that could have existed. For this reason, this book of stories is first and foremost a tribute to journalism. In its pages bullen stories of great Argentine journalists as Tomas Eloy Martinez, Cristian Alarcon and Martin Caparros, as well as Chronicles on the day of the newsrooms of newspapers and the unrestrained pursuit of the news. Journalism is not accustomed to narrate the feeling of the people, says the writer in the afterword of this volume.

Fernandez Diaz is the author of El dilemma de los proceres: Sherlock Holmes and the mystery of the masked argentino (1997); Fernandez (2006); Hearts unleashed (2007); The lodge of Cadiz, the second life of the flowers, the brotherhood of Honor and MOM (2002). A career recognized in the Latin American author having contained the Columbus Medal, which was awarded the Spanish Government and the Spanish community in Argentina, the Konex Platinum award to the best writer of the Decade and recently the Atlantis, with which the editors of Catalonia awarded his journalistic work in favor of the books. He has been awarded also the Medal of bicentenary (2010) as a reward for his journalistic and literary work. And in 2012 has been decorated by Spain with the cross of the order Isabella the Catholic, in recognition of their contributions to culture and to the friendship of the two countries. * Get a copy of more single women in the world at PopularLibros. See more: A tribute to the feminine universe and journalism in more single women in the world

The President

As a corollary of this crisis which is facing the nation: HUGO CHAVEZ has seized all the powers. What he thinks and want becomes law. What he doesn’t want is not. Governors and mayors lack authority, much more if they are of the opposition altogether. The rules completely and with supreme command. The armed forces, which Praetorian guard quickly pleased their desires. It is uniform as Commander in Chief when you crave, except when a visit to the countries of the South. Their reasons will have its followers believe are holders of the sacred fire freely execute acts contrary to the law and public order.

It is common to see a leader, Mayor or Governor of the PSUV, group, faction, or militias, contempt to a Governor or mayor of opposition and invading their competencies: the Metropolitan Mayor of Caracas was taken by paramilitary groups, including one called the Pebble, the headquarters of the Governor of Tachira have neither been delivered to his successor legitimate and there is no authority which would impose the law. There is no who resolved. Who place order. Armed as constitutional police force has prohibited act. As the public prosecutor’s Office and the judiciary in general.

Judge that supports a resource or perform an act contrary to the interests of the revolutionaries, right is dismissed or suspended in the best of cases. We are coming to observe the military not as crime and profess the values of the revolution and they have already begun to act called trials popular, directed by mentioned fans of the revolution, who have the Supreme authority to summarily declare you enemy and condemn you to death, including. UNUSUAL: The President declare UN PARO GENERAL is such the social decomposition of this nation, that the President of the luxury of declaring a GENERAL strike. If you don’t believe it, this February 02 there was a total stoppage in the nation.

The Organization

included in the cultural and social. All this is achieved the homeostatic balance needed to provide sense of security and answers to the unknown. What makes different organizations is their way of communicating, their instruments, tools, and its history. It is true that our roles are not fixed or unchangeable. Some are predetermined by the social program that we fulfill and for which have been prepared in the social context in which we live; others are there so that we can exercise them if we want or we can and; others are coming because they are our goals or we should execute them well and are all included in our everyday movements. Thus we can conclude that: the Organization as a social entity remains in its continuous boiling of growth, renewal, change and adaptation.

Beings evolve, organizations, equal. That Yes the basis which, in principle, possibly in the first tribal grouping of a prehistoric group, the mechanism will endure, but thinking fits the need of the day in which we live. The Organization has a character I continue and hence the impossibility of obtaining a complete and unique definition, but that this is subject to permanent processes of transformation of organizations and social, economic and cultural systems in which they are immersed. THE different types of anchor: Hierarchical type, for-profit company. Asociaciones-Agrupaciones with various interests. Cultural and social type. With a sense of common purpose, management and stability which are the axis subjective concept of organization our conception psychosocial becomes involved in these issues actively, individually and collectively. No matter the space where it is located, cultural, political, economic, in each case, the elements of everyday life are present. Therefore, our daily actions are influenced by organizations: from the most elementary to the most complex; From a level psychosocial that begins in the family – immersed in an organization much larger with a specific socio-political, economic and geographic environment and which determines – and which belongs to the organization most internal of the individual to a level more sociodinamico.