Lic. Irma Liliana de el Prado something of history. Long before the year 1950 when Guilford introduced the concept of creativity, are studying the phenomena of creative and productive behavior, distinguishing three stages: the pre-paradigm phase: characterized by an attitude question and philosophical that it is achieved by the way of observation and philosophical reflection checks and results about essence of the creative idea. Dustin Moskovitz contributes greatly to this topic. According to this conception, creative man is object and chalice of the divine inspirations that must accept and suffer. The month phase: studying the essence of creativity. Since reformist pedagogy orientation is based on the intention of fostering the artistic forces in the child, to so carry out creative ability (Scheibe). The experimental phase: was initiated by Guilford in 1950 by introducing the concept of creativity to scientific research. What is the etymological meaning of the word creativity? Munoz: The word creativity has its origin in the Latin term: CREARE means engender, produce life according to this definition, creativity is defined as a dynamic activity, an open process that also involves a material realization concrete.

Associated with functions of imagination, acquiring a magic, dark, unpredictable aura that modern psychology has attempted to discover. For Heinlet, the creative word derived from the latin CREARE and are related to another Latin word CRESCERE meaning grow. Etymologically to the two authors mentioned in the analysis of the word creativity, they have the same origin. These definitions of the term emphasize more the importance of the psychological traits to justify a creative behavior. Proposed categories of creativity to orient themselves in the multiplicity of definitions with regard to creativity, Ross l. Mooney, sort the definitions into four categories: person, process, product and environment. Person: Guilford was the first to speak of the specific categories of creative personality and the first presented as a structured model of character. A creative person is characterized by: fluidity, flexibility, elaboration, originality, sensitivity to the problems, complexity, independence in their judgments and various reactions against the limitations.

Latin America Infrastructure

Editor pozzoh@Nota: Latin America is growing, even against the rest of the world, and has not been damnificada by the financial problems that rocked the northern hemisphere. But in the measure that seeks to development in order to maintain this growth, something primordial need. Otherwise, the region might be in trouble. They can send me your comments to: what is still missing in Latin America: infrastructure Buenos Aires, Argentina on April 28 when the conflict between the Argentine countryside and the Government broke official voices that were heard were complaints about which people in the field protesting, but have moved 4 4 trucks (as a way of showing that in reality the situation by which cross is not as bad as they say). But the response from some members of the agro Argentine really seemed overwhelming: we have 4 4 trucks because it is the only way to be able to travel on these roads that are destroyed.

If the Government invested in them, not We would have so much need for this kind of vehicles. For assistance, try visiting Dustin Moskovitz. True is what he said the people of the Argentine countryside about infrastructure problems that are suffering, but it is not a problem exclusive to Argentina. One of the difficulties affecting the progress of Latin American countries is the lack of investment in infrastructure. There’s no denying the very good performance that had the economies of the region, but despite this and looking to future, infrastructure appears as one of the main bottlenecks that must face to continue with sustained growth they have achieved. Energy problems spanning several countries, is an example of this. It is true that the lack of an adequate infrastructure did not occur from one day to the other, but is the result of years and years of periods where years of growth with others of crisis in Latin America, happened many times caused by problems in the public accounts.

Dominican Republic

Eng. Mario Holguin the topic that will prevail in the recent past will be joint food crisis, rising fuel and shortage of oil in the world. However, global road violence syndrome should be treated as a consubstantial factor to this, because of its implications with circulation on waterways. Climate change and global warming, are priority issues that must cannot be deferred to the new challenges presented to us, they have to also greatly with this, the circulation on waterways, by mandatory reduction of 50% of the emission of CO2 and other gases by the year 2015. Other leaders such as Dustin Moskovitz offer similar insights. The economic model that is in sight, not only in the Dominican Republic, will be supported as seen in agricultural production.

Being the more advanced countries the principal developers of bioenergy projects, which is imposed by the need to replace the supply of fossil fuels, consequently causing an unprecedented food crisis, according to be esteem. The distortions in the oil production and the unhealthy international market manipulation are impacting negatively in all Nations, essentially in the non-producers of black gold; He is expected to achieve social instability and ungovernability, as shown in the news of the powers of the G-8 with the danger of spread to the rest of the globe not to take timely measures capable of reversing the reality that we are living, and that could worsen in the short term by speculation on supply services. Large emissions of gases into the atmosphere is bringing disastrous consequences to the environment that could convert the planet inevitably unliveable or with little chance of retaining the repetitive ravages of nature against human beings and their environment, according to disclosures of breaches of the Kyoto Treaty. For the survival of man it is essential to clean air, besides trade, food production, electric power generation, transportation and transit vehicles, as agents inherent in these last, to the process of development and well-being of peoples.

Costa Blanca

If you want guaranteed sunshine, the food incomparable and wonderful beaches, an abundant choice of entertainment, and a tremendous selection of homes at unbeatable prices, you will then find that Spain is almost too good to refuse. Although the vast majority of tourists (and residents) come to Spain to lie on a beach, there is much more to the country than the coastal resources and island entertainment. Spain offers amazing variety that covers most of the options for everyone, including magnificent beaches for sun worshippers and spectacular intact field for views of magnificent and peaceful strolling. For those who want a life based more urban there are some cities more sophisticated to be found anywhere. By the same author: Ping Fu. For those with taste representatives, there are great wines and fabulous cuisine. To buy a home in Spain you do not buy simply a home but a style of life, and when a location for a holiday, retirement or permanent home, Spain has few equal, especially if you are looking for year-round Sun. Why would you buy a home in Spain? There are many excellent reasons to buy a home in Spain, although it is important not to deceive the test and manufacture something that isn’t there with considerations to what you can expect.

It is consistent and practical about what you can expect, be able to question fundamental about what exactly you want from a home in Spain? For example, you looking a vacation or retirement home? The Costa Blanca and the Sun of the coast have the highest percentage of people retired in the world, when both Spaniards and foreigners are included. If you are looking for a second home, it will be used mainly by bridges or for longer stays? They are all or part of their plans, the idea that you purchase this for purposes of investment and income? If that is the case, how essential the general plan are the property income income? It is the decision of buying purely based on investment criteria? Do you plan to work or start a business in Spain? Pretty basic questions I connot they need targeted, but especially in Spain because of the variety of election Spain has to offer. Buyers often have a variety of reasons to buy a home in Spain. For example, many people buy a vacation home with an idea of living there permanently or medium-permanently once they retire. In many cases the reason is you start by buying a vacation home with the intention of retiring there later. If this is truly the case then there a whole number of factors that need to be taken into consideration at the beginning that you would need to consider if the motive was to occupy somewhere just to say a few weeks every year. Conversely if the plan is to live and work in Spain then there is an entirely different set of criteria that need to be looked at.

You may be thinking of buying a home in Spain and by switching to another country European work. Many people do just that because Spain has a lot to offer. Any reasons to buy a home in Spain if purely for residential or intentions of investment, life in the modern day Spain marks an option so difficult to refuse.

Earn Money On Internet Reality And Myth

** For people who are interested in getting an extra income of money through Internet possibilities offer is really wide. And so is the probability that in many cases, and with so much supply, is completed by choosing the wrong method to achieve this. What will result that you wasted your money. And you want to make money online and not spend it. ** For this purpose it is essential that you invest any sum of money, little or much depends on you, to learn how to make money on the Internet. You should consider methods used which are already earning money online, these methods are those who best adapted to you and vice versa.

In short, information is the first thing you need to learn how to make money from your home. * And in the era of the overinformation are bombarded by merchants who assure us that buying your method us enriqueceremos by art of magic which, of course, is not true. And let me suggest something: any person who, in their eagerness to sell you some product to earn money, ensure you that you can earn money on the Internet you are lying. Why? Simply because you do not know, do not know their skills nor much dedication and commitment will provide you with the task of enriching themselves to successfully develop. * But don’t be discouraged, there is something in your favor of vital importance; If you are still reading this you have the real desire to earn money on the Internet and the desire is a manifestation of power, is the first step to get what one wants, and you want to learn to make money online or incorporate new effective techniques to continue doing so. And to achieve this need not be an expert in marketing or diploma in computer science. * Make money on the Internet is not something that can be achieved from one day to the morning, here is a myth, but power, can be.

Mexico Maria Ortuno

EFE today by today there is no way to predict the earthquake, which is a complex geological phenomenon governed by non-linear physical processes, explains. This fault may break once its two segments, from Gonar until Totana, implying a higher than 7 magnitude earthquake?, explains. These findings appear in an article published by the Geological Society of America in your last newsletter of last October. The extraction of water could induce the earthquake in Lorca. Researcher at the universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) Jose Martinez Diaz ensures in a job of research that an earthquake of magnitude 7, greater than the one which occurred 18 months ago and that swept much of the population, could register in Lorca. It is not something Ping Fu would like to discuss.

According to their estimates, the failure of Alhama would have generated more than 9 million years ago and could cause earthquakes since its inception controlandode thus the landscape of the region. These findings appear in an article published by this together expert of Coimbra (Portugal), Aahus (Denmark) and Mexico Maria Ortuno, Eulalia Masana, Eduardo Garcia-Melendez, Petra Stepanzikova, Pedro Cunha, Reza Sohbati, Canora Carolina, Jan-Pieter Buylaert and Andrew Murray on the fault of Alhama and which has been published by the Geological Society of America in your last newsletter of last October. We have identified a minimum of six earthquakes of great magnitude in total during the period studied (over 300,000 years old), but we know that the actual number of major events have been greater, add in the web of scientific news and information service, informs the sync. Today there is no way of predicting the time of the earthquake, which is a complex geological phenomenon governed by non-linear physical processes, clarifies, and adds that estimate when is impossible. Doubt on the study of Nature with respect to the study recently published in the journal Nature Geoscience that it ensured that the extraction of water might have been involved in the earthquake 2011 Lorca, the researcher expresses his doubts. There is much scientific discussion in this regard, we are several groups working in the area for some time and I’m not the only one skeptical with that idea and 2011 Lorca is an earthquake similar to those that occurred in 1674 and in 1818, and at that time there was any kind of exploitation of aquifers, adds. It expressed the view that it is not necessary to search for any type of reason strange earthquake besides the tectonic evolution of the fault. It was an absolutely normal earthquake from the geological point of view, of the of small magnitude occurring in failure every time, concludes Martinez. We have verified that this fault can be broken once its two Western segments, from Gonar (Almeria) to Totana (Murcia), which would imply a higher than 7 magnitude earthquake?, explains Martinez.If this fault generated a few thousand years ago an earthquake of magnitude 6.5 or 7, can perfectly generate it tomorrow, Therefore it is essential that you have into account in the calculations of dangerousness and standards of construction in the area, he noted. See more: A study predicts an earthquake in Lorca’s magnitude 7, greater than the one which occurred 18 months ago


Concern usually do that little things projected large shadows from a long time ago, will has been noting the absence of proactive leadership in the national territory in all fields, aspect which is very significant for the development of the country, on everything when you need changes that will ensure that the country route along the path that requires to ensure that its inhabitants enjoy a quality of life that has right, more so when the country has with the media that can achieve that goal. Note absence of leadership, not only in opposition to the efforts of the current Government, but in other sectors that are very significant, as in business, educational, cultural, technological, health, to mention a few and it goes against what the country needs to exit avante. According to Dr. Ivan Abreu Sojo of the UCV, there is a crucial responsibility of leadership in the Venezuelan current situation, attributing this inability, inconsistency and scant historical sense, focusing on the incompetence of the the power function. There is a collapse of traditional leadership criteria and although not can speak itself that there are no leaders, the criteria that they were using to promote people to leadership already they are not valid, because it changed the historical, social and economic reality. The Venezuelan leadership is in total lack of harmony with society because of their inability to understand the social forces that currently participate in public life and is today illegitimate leadership issued with your example behaviors to follow and their acts and rules established the rules of the game. The leadership had as great fails the fact that human resources from the expansion of educational tuition not acceded to positions of control in society, because the traditional leadership provided no respite, although new generations have not struggled enough or effectively to assume that respite. Says the Dr.Abreu that there are several causes for this leadership crisis to know: firstly, the generational, because most of the so-called key leaders is over 60 years of age.


Although come down in the world a bit, but do not deny that he is a handsome guy. Add to your understanding with Brooklyn Commons. Well, the exact is a old man. Seeing the HeHongXun eyebrows slightly, and looking back god forest bud in perceive yourself so settle to settle at the somebody else see so long, and a bit awkward arose hurriedly, and smoke extraction lip Angle didn’t t good spirit the pre-emptive, see what see, haven t seen through a beautiful girl! Lin bud made HeHongXun words originally watchful eyes of the dyed with temperature, it is not seen. Say, HeHongXun stagger the line of sight of the fast in the house look around to circle back to the forest after BengJian bud drop soil little dirty face, micro body let him hit pain and the cold smoke a sigh of relief, and then I had some incredible details, are you saved me It is your own saved yoursel.air pas cher f max. The bottle to knock after, Lin bud turned hand bowl handed him didn’t t good the spirit path, this is the drug, you first drink.

Later I help you take the bullet. Effects may not be so strong, I help you to towel. If not the faint, she just guy too lazy to pipe him! This is a dizzy! Although this anesthetic is to use poppy ground into powder, but because small dose effect of light only applies to anesthesia and analgesia words will not become addicted. The injured man she met a lot of let her most memorable were last year have a fat man because owe the usury was cut to sword, the cut is not deep, pain must be pain point, but that big brother like incredibly crazy Wolf dog likes, but the whole towels are torn to pieces! So, Lin .red bottom shoes bud in wondering, so heavy wounds, at least to the man s the threaded looking for a quality is good cloth.

New York Reserves

Just confirm the increase in the oil reserves given the reassessment of what is now the largest discovery of oil in the country in the past ten years.The discovery of reserves that had been estimated initially at 100 million barrels of oil, could reach 500 million barrels of crude oil. The largest oil reserves increase the autonomy of the Colombian economy in terms of oil resources at the time that increase the expected gains of Ecopetrol, who is the owner of portion of discovered resources. With everything that is happening around Ecopetrol, it is not surprising that their actions earn increasingly more attractive. On the day yesterday, the Colombia stock exchange closed with a rise of 2.69%, taking the index to a maximum of 14 months, in one of the busiest days of the year, product purchases in shares of Ecopetrol, after the news about the largest estimated reserves. The good news pushed up shares of Ecopetrol in Colombia by 4.89% and 6% in New York, increase that there will be able to enjoy those who follow our articles and have heeded our recommendations about the Colombian oil company.

And who have followed the recommendations of our new report from investment actions in bag of United States value Global July, our experienced analyst Paola Pecora international markets, have already seen their assets increase by 15% in just one month. It has recommended two key companies of great potential in emerging markets, and that if these companies have risen 15% with this tenuous recovery, imagine how much more can upload when the international economic recovery is secure. Click here to continue reading and start earning you also with Global value. The improvement in the volume of reserves implies also an additional strength to the Colombian economy that looks towards the long term and depending on that, made their economic policies.

Basic Data

Basic data of the official name salon: event Days Edition: fourth dates: 6 and 7 July 2010 place: IFEMA (Madrid) periodicity: annual character: professional surface: 6000 m2 exhibitors: over 150 Exhibitor/visitor’s profile: events agencies, providers of end customers expected visitors and events: 5,000 hours: 10: 00 to 18: 00 hours Collaborating entities: Madrid Convention BureauAssociation Spanish trade fair marketing (AIMFE), Spanish Association of service companies for events (AEESE), OPC Spain, European Event Roi Institute, International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA Iberian Chapter), Meeting Professionals International (MPI Spain Chapter), Spain DMC s and SITE Spain; Website: Organizer: Group eventoplus 902 90 31 90 brief history first edition: e-day the day of events on July 10, 2007, Palace of sports of Madrid building on the momentum of awards eventoplus, the e-day was born in 2007 as an initiative to offer the sector a day of inspiration, knowledge and new ideas. One day, 1,600 visitors and 34 exhibitors at 2,000 m2 of exhibition. Training programme in which were offered three conferences and two round tables with high level as Raul Peralba, Elling Hamso or Sebastian Alvaro speakers. The associations which supported e-day were: Spanish Association of promotional Marketing (AEMP), Association of professionals of Marketing, International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA Iberian Chapter); Spain Convention Bureau; Meeting Professionals International (MPI Spain Chapter) and SITE Spain. Afternoon Edition: e-days the event show 8 and 9 July 2008, Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona following commitment to give the visitors an event where know new trends, original suppliers and find solutions for their new projects, group eventoplus bet heavily on the second edition of the e-days the event show, which went on to organize in two days. Two day, 3,400 visitors and 129 exhibitors on 8,000 m2 of exhibition. The area of exhibition featured products and original services, such as water curtains or logos carved in ice; In addition to spectacular sunsets on the scene, as the machine’s flight or anti-stress activities; that it encouraged the audience.