It gives life ” plomero” that it gets at the floor of young people to undo a clogging. The renters harass to sexy plumber, who assures to be a Spanish emigrant. After his debut in front of the Torrent cameras 4, the Spanish singer David Bisbal has cheered up to return to demonstrate to his dowries like actor in a chapter of the Argentine soap opera the unique ones, which she transformed herself by a day into a captivating plumber. In the chapter emitted the past Monday, two of the protagonists of the nocturnal strip of channel Thirteen of the Argentine open television require the services of the native of Almeri’a, who in the skin of ” plomero” Juan attends them to Peralta to unblock a water-drainage of the kitchen. The singer assures to be a Spanish who has emigrated to Argentina by the state of the crisis in Spain. The young people, who integrate the special unit the unique ones, a group of agents with special powers that fight against the evil, fall tired before the enchantments of Bisbal, the jealousy of their teammates. One week before, the Spanish singer participated in Buenos Aires, next to Luis Fonsi and Diego Towers, among others artists, in a beneficial concert organized by Unicef within the framework of the campaign a sun for the needed children more. In September he will return to Argentina to present/display his last disc in a series of recitales by several cities of the country..