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A rich and observers can so the high level of competence the judge specifically scientists referred to, analysts, journalists, and also users themselves. Learn more about telematics award 2013 the TELEMATIK award will be awarded to outstanding development services and solutions in the field of telematics. The competition takes place in the annual transition from vehicles and human telematics and is reserved for companies with headquarters or establishment in the German-speaking. The Organizer, the media group of telematics, aims, on the one hand to reinforce the telematics industry in German-speaking countries, present practices but also the offer for the interested parties and users, as well as future trends on the basis of best to represent more transparent and more understandable with assessing these TOP providers. The TOP companies in the sector itself, scientists, experts and journalists watch the market every day and are increasingly agree that the telematics industry almost overpowering turns up in quantity, what clouds the sight of the user, and interested parties on the quality in the market. The quality of the Telematics Awards is guaranteed by the expertise of the promoter and its partners as well as through the expertise of renowned expert jury – the latter ensures the high quality of the review with its composition of scientists, journalists, experts, creative, makers and users. The ceremony of the Telematics Awards 2013 takes place on Saturday, the 07.09.2013, at 14: 00 at the George Marshall lounge in the Centre of the IFA – located – next to the summer garden. Yet we download welcome all prospective buyers, users and telematics manufacturers and vendors, guests of this ceremony – as always – an exciting talk of telematics is to. For more information and the form to book free tickets for the ceremony of the Telematics Awards, see this link:

Organized Event

The PROCURATOR KG organized an event for the human rights organization CSI Germany in Stuttgart last Wednesday. Ethical marketing, the Division of the PROCURATOR management consulting KG newly created about half a year ago is pleased with the successful event. Spoke before a small audience in the Haus der Wirtschaft”in the Centre of Stuttgart’s Managing Director of CSI Germany, Mrs of Ingrid Seigis, the journalist Marianne Bruckl, and the Islam expert Raif Toma. Very interesting were the subjects about the monastery of Mor Gabriel”, as well as the situation of Christians in the Iraq and Sudan. Wife Seigis reported very vividly by persecuted and discriminated against Christians could help the CSI through your help and dedication. An open conversation rounded off the evening with the guests. The rooms and the entire autre in the Haus der Wirtschaft”gave a very serious and professional framework of the event.

So the Procurator KG can chalk up another success, reported managing director Karl Liebl, and the forward to be able to organize dates of the event series of CSI Germany. The next date is set for the 15th of July in Wurzburg, and on 10 September in Uelzen. Michael Liebl Presse and public relations Procurator background: the PROCURATOR management consulting KG emerged from the founder Karl Liebl consulting activities for many years. She is at home in the various disciplines of consulting. A network of over 50 consultants, lawyers, tax advisors and Auditors the Procurator KG in the various consulting allows to offer professional solutions from a single source areas, enterprises and entrepreneurs. It also offers professional solutions for NPO BBs in all fundraising areas. Here a small excerpt from the fields of activity: PR-management and marketing, fundraising, public relations, business plans, ratings, Exchange exposes, initial public offerings, fund concept, equity measures, personal bankruptcies, Recycling advice, company formation, laying abroad… PROCURATOR management consulting KG GF: Karl V. Liebl Krokus trail 9 83543 Rott am Inn

Next Day Payday Loans, The Money Will Be There By Tomorrow

Next day payday loans are availed the next day after your application has been received and approved by the lender. Generally speaking, the loan charges are quite high, thus increasing the cost of borrowing these types of a loan product. Notwithstanding, when a borrower is in a financial fix, the cost of borrowing doesn’t matter. next day payday loans are specially designed loan products for salaried people in the United Kingdom. The loans are approved the next day after your loan has been received by the lender. After the borrower’s loan request has been approved by the lender, the money is deposited into the borrower’s checking account electronically by the next day. For the lender to process the loan request, there are no charges associated with the procedure. While contains many small other type of loans and hidden fee charges, with next day payday loan, the charges are straightforward.

Thus, when a borrower is searching for a loan product that doesn’t involve too many procedures, next day payday loans are the most ideal. Once the loan has been deposited into the borrowers account, it can be used for purposes such as quick payment on experiment credit card experiment which keeps on escalating if payment is delayed, paying expenses associated with taking the family out, etc. The amounts of money that can be availed with next day payday loans range from 100 to a maximum of 1500 and the repayment duration can not exceed 14 day after it has been availed. However, if a borrower coverall pressed for money, the loan repayment can be extended but at a higher rate of interest and other chargeable fees. The loan amount is only approved for the period until your next paycheck. The money borrowed plus the interest accrued should be repaid before or at your payday.

The good thing about applying for these loans is that even those people who are termed as bad credit holders can apply and be availed with the loan amounts they as long request as they can proof that they can be able to repay the advanced amounts of money. However, they are charged extra fees to cover the risk associated with them. Due to the loan being termed as payday loans, they are expensive in terms of APR and their repayment duration is usually short. The calendar charge exorbitantly and ridiculous fees, citing their lack of a security as the reason behind charging higher fees. This makes next day payday loans a no go zone for people who can’t be able to repay the agreed amounts of money at right time the, that is at the end month. Before settling for one particular lender, compare and contrast on the loan deal being offered by the numerous lenders in the next day payday loans arena. Settle for that lender whose terms and conditions are favorable to your budgetary requirements. A lender with the lowest APR is the best in regard to assisting the borrower to come out of his/her financial quagmires. Harry taker is to author for this article. For more information about student loans no credit check, private student loans bad credit visit

Sven Tweer

Those seeking peace and seclusion, can enjoy the Idyll to the fullest. The heat supply of the entire estate is ensured with an own wood-chip heating. And last but not least also lands and that include a former farm at the spoon of Justice”with 27 acres not too close. The property is used not only for events, but the hotel farm Moosburg also serves as the supply with high quality products. So are hotel owners and operators in the trend that increasingly put the consumer today worth on identifiable and native origin, as well as natural food production.

This is also the philosophy of Chef de cuisine Sven Tweer. Sheep, chickens, ducks and rabbits are on the Spoon Hof”already held. Fish pond be created soon and even a beef going to happen in the next year. Also belongs to the spoon Court”provides a large cottage garden, herbs, vegetables and fruit for the hotel farm Moosburg. The full scoop the 4-star hotel can so also for the quality of the raw materials,”processed in the kitchen. About Hotel Moosburger surrounded courtyard In the Centre of the Upper Bavaria district Pfaffenhofen/ILM, by the charming hills of the Hallertau, welcomes Hotel Moosburger Hof guests. In the years 2008-opened city -, business – and Conference Hotel to the suites with more well-being space offers modern four star comfort in 48 well-equipped rooms from standard business and Deluxe. The farm Moosburg combines cozy furnishings and modern technology, in a clean and contemporary atmosphere.

An ideal setting for conferences, seminars, workshops and business stays, but also for private visits and vacations. Already when entering the hotel lobby, guests feel the family atmosphere and the good spirit of the House very personally managed by its operators Anke and Sven Tweer. Another advantage of the hotel is but also its convenient location close to Munich and at the airport. In gourmet circles the farm Moosburg made himself a name with its first-class cuisine. Tweer’s restaurant, Chef de cuisine Sven Tweer high culinary art celebrates while in the bistro art angle smaller, but just as carefully prepared dishes to the table. The hotel includes a country house (for rent) and a lavishly renovated, recently officially in operating agricultural property near Pfaffenhofen on. This serves both as an exclusive location for events of various kinds (overseen by the hotel’s catering), as also to the production animal and vegetal quality products for their own use. Thus, the Stan practiced farm sustainability and consumer protection. Contact information Hotel Moosburger Tweer & Tweer GbR of Moosburg 3 road 85276 Pfaffenhofen phone 08441 277008-0 fax 08441 277008-88 E-Mail Internet PR agency ADVERMA advertising & Marketing GmbH Manfred hailer conception, text/PR public relations Lilienthal 17 85296 Rohrbach/Germany FON + 49 8442 9678-35 fax + 49 8442 9678-68 E-Mail Internet