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Cava Cellar

In the course of time people have devised practical ways to get some items for its perfection; We are talking about specifically the invention of the cellar as a source of development of a good wine. The wine cellar starts its most remote development in india, where the conception of fermented juices was burying clay vessels for extended periods of time. These were the principles of the design of the cellar as such. The precedent of the current cellar dating back to the 10th century where the kingship was sent to stand the juices extracted from grapes and citrus fruits in containers, these were generally barrels. With the passing of time this practice was developed until the 19th century where fermentation studies gave its results to achieve getting a wine of excellent quality.

In the 20th century was where experimentation with different types of wood hinted to winemakers than temperature and immutable factors such as time, mancaban the difference in the conception of a good wine. At present the cava plays a role fundamental in the creation of liqueurs, since the reserve and quiet without mentioning the temperature that it offers, facilitates the realization of chemical processes made by micro-organisms. Some factors that play a fundamental role in the conception of a good wine cellar are: wood: this is an element of vital importance in the development of containers both the physical construction of the cellar, since an excellent quality wood cellar provides optimal climatic factors for the correct development of the wine; and the wine provides you with flavours and specific colors. Some of the most recommended wood for the production of cavas are oak and cherry. Temperature: this is a factor of vital importance, since the correct aging at an unchanged temperature, gives the wine the exact point of the flavor.

Ventilation: perform a periodic ventilation system allows the wine to release odors, getting wine to produce your natural scent without alterations of preserved. Vibration isolation: create a system that will prevent the bottles to vibrate is a factor of care, since the development of micro-organism might be interrupted or disturbed by the vibrations; for this reason ideally acquire an anti-vibration system which consists of suspended shelves on some kind of cushion or devise a system where the bottles are sustained through a system of belts. Although there are many more factors to take care in the design of a good liquor, these are the most highlighted, since the poor control of any of them affects the product directly, in this case the taste and the quality of the wine. Although it is proper to emphasize that other factors such as the quality of the vid are essential in the preparation of a wine, therefore before the conception of a cava ideally ask advice from a winemaker, which can advise both the quality of the vid and elements to build the cellar.