Prefabricated House

Many construction interested associate a linen and completely prefabricated house, which must be not necessarily so with the term prefabricated house. Primarily, the word refers to the fact that individual House members are produced before the actual start of construction prefabricated house. For this task, bio-solar house awards the contract to selected and qualified timber construction companies from a growing network. Through the pre-Assembly of larger wall and ceiling elements can greatly reduce the construction time as well within a short time a closed House shell ensure that protects the House from weather conditions such as rain or snow. Due to the consistently dry design, a further advantage of the prefabricated house – construction of bio-solar house, through which no waiting enter for a drying process such as in stone houses, can short maintained uninterrupted construction accordingly. Elaborate installation work of channels for ventilation systems, as it is a highly insulated House are most common In addition to the scrupulously perform air tightness as the passive house standard through the application of the patented House-not necessary in principle of the House. In the past was the prefab said often that individual plans are limited. The bio-solar house is planned in principle individually, however an ideal alignment ensures energy benefits a special piece of quality of life. The individuality not only refers to the plan itself. So also the building geometry and roof form of prefab House can be ideally adapted the appropriate requirements and. Thus, the construction of multi-family homes, semi-detached or terraced houses is possible in addition to the realization of a single-family house. A prefabricated House must be also not necessarily a turnkey House. Bio-solar house offers also fixed stages in addition to individual: self Bauhaus: in this prefab stage you bio-solar house in addition to all planning and architectural services provides the supporting structure and leads Cellulose insulation out. One of our supervised engineers the builders during the entire construction phase and is available with help and advice. Self Bauhaus plus: the complete roof covering in addition runs at this stage. Ausbauhaus: An Ausbauhaus includes external to ready the facade design house with the Windows and doors, as well as the winter garden. The Interior can then even be done or are done through the procurement of local artisans. Interested have the possibility in the sunny Park St. Alban in various prefabricated houses to the trial to live and this not only to visited, but to convince themselves of the special advantages of this prefab House construction. In addition to detailed advice, there is the possibility to create a House planning for a small fee. More information, see interested under the Internet address. The bio-solar house company headquartered in the Palatine St. Alban plans for nearly 20 years after the patented House-the House principle Bio-solar house as own Bauhaus, Ausbauhaus and turnkey House. In the sunny Park are a total of 6 houses to the per-dwelling available.

Cost Planning Construction In Construction

Market mechanisms with uncertain quality cost planning construction faces a dilemma. Never just a box of chocolates, white is what you get”a good or bad planning? Builders are insecure about the quality of service of architects. Architects in turn can provide very good quality often only at various stages of planning due to the growing complexity of planning services. Cost planning, invitation to tender or construction management of large-scale construction projects is today require a high degree of specialization and the participation of planners in the context of the individual stages of construction. The fear of builders on a lack of quality of planning services in certain areas more and more expressed in a subversive pricing policy.

On the one hand, the cost planning due to bad experiences more and more from the outset as unsatisfactory is accepted and completely excluded from Architektenautragen. On the other hand, builders fall below HOAI-fees in the adoption, by architects systematically and Planners of less services to receive, when they actually need for their realization and contractually entitled to them. Economist and Nobel Laureate George Akerlof describes this development to be observed in the construction industry on the basis of the breaking up of the citizens: there are solid cars, and those that are cleaned up only to the bridal show. There are worth their money, the other not. A buyer never really sure can be a piece of gold”or a lemon” to catch, resulting in that very good cars traded mercilessly down. And exactly this market mechanism is today the hiring of engineers and architects. Because poor performance are the order of the day, increase the caution of the builders and falls at the same time their willingness to pay full fees.

Since the loss is calculated and then nobody is willing to pay the full price, good Planner are driven out of the market. Only the so-called sour lemons”remain, because only they are still using win can work. Is to advise clients and builders so, cost planning, tendering and construction management deliberately specialists to search for and to involve them in the team of architects. Who defines its performance requirements and expectations prior to the project, then search its planners and check on their quality. Builders should formulate their wishes confidence and structured. What scope is required within the framework of planning detail? Especially the cost planning has high priority. Here it is called advance, staking framework and the implementation based on common agreements to govern without tricks, without gimmicks and without ambiguity about the quality of the construction planning services offered. Contact: LV AG Engineering Services Corporation flax land 29, 22083 Hamburg phone: 040-682 836-60 fax: 040-682 836-89 email: